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5 Small Gift Ideas to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Maintaining customers for a small business can sometimes be a daunting task. But giving your customers interesting and personalized gifts is a good way to keep them engaged with your business. 

Keep reading for five small gift ideas to keep your customers coming back.

1. Succulents or Desk Plants

Succulents or desk plants are a great gift to give your clients. They come in many different styles and pots so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one to fit your customer. 

These plants are cute and easy to take care of because they require minimal work. Your clients can display these on their desks to bring them a bit of happiness throughout their workday. It will also be a reminder of how great you and your company are. 

2. Healthy Snacks

One great gift that customers will remember you by is giving their employees healthy and delicious snacks. It is easy to make a cute basket filled with healthy snacks if you take a trip to the supermarket or order one online.

This is a gift that your customers will remember you by. They may even hope that you send more delicious snacks in the future and want to work with you again. Eating snacks during work also helps employees to be more productive so your customers will for sure be grateful! 

3. Personalized Cookie Tins

Getting your clients personalized cookie tins is a great gift and reminder of the things you can do for them. You can put anything you want on a personalized cookie tin such as your business logo and a special message for your clients. 

They will love to display this cookie tin in their office kitchen or home kitchen and it will be a reminder of your business. They also may get questions from their friends and family members who come over and your clients can direct them towards your business. 

4. Portable Phone Charger

In the business world, most people are always on the go so keeping a charged phone can be quite difficult. As a gift for your clients, you can send them a customized portable phone charger with your logo on it. 

That way they will be reminded of your company every time they need to charge their phone on the go. This is an awesome gift that they will be grateful for. Make sure that your portable phone chargers can charge both iPhones and Androids so everyone will be happy.  

5. A Handwritten Thank You Card

Sending a handwritten thank you card through the mail used to be something everyone did, but now it is a unique and thoughtful gift. Getting thank you cards is also very cost-effective and really just takes time to fill them out. 

Make sure each thank you card is personalized to your specific customer so they know that you care. You can also have everyone in your office sign the card and let them know how fun it was to work with that specific customer. 

Small Gift Ideas

Regardless of which of the small gift ideas you choose, giving an interesting and personalized gift is a great way for clients to want to continue doing business with you. 

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