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Woo Them, Wow Them, Sign Them! How to Ace That First Face-To-Face Client Meeting

The business world is changing drastically. More workers are working from home, Gen Z-ers are slowly making their way into the business world, and more professionals are relying on AI.

But there’s one thing that will never change—the significance of client meetings.

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. This is why all professionals need to cater to their clients. The first client meeting seems intimidating. Honestly, all your clients want is to be understood, and they want to know they matter.

How do you convey this in your first meeting? Here’s how to ace any first meeting.

Greet Them Properly

Since you’re just meeting your client for the first time, a proper greeting is essential to proving your people skills. This goes beyond saying “sir” and “ma’am.”

No matter how old or young your client is, their gender, their ethnicity, their income, etc., you greet every client the same—a firm handshake, referring to your clients by name and making constant eye contact.

Choose the Best Meeting Spot

You can have the best greeting ever, but your greeting will fall short if your scheduling efforts are disorganized or you choose a bad spot to meet.

Have a meeting spot picked out in advance, and agree on a specific meeting day and time.

What are some examples of places you can meet? Your headquarters is the best first option. Your clients can see where you do business, and you’ll have the privacy and accessibility to discuss all business details.

If your headquarters aren’t an option, see if there’s a meeting room you can rent in a co-working space or a similar location.

A coffee shop or a restaurant are also good options. But choose a location that offers privacy or one that caters specifically to businesses, such as one of the best restaurants for business meetings.

Handle Any Issues Well

No matter how prepared you are, there’s a risk something will go wrong. This is especially common during business presentations. The key is handling them well.

For example, if you’re closing on the sale and suddenly experience technical issues, your first response is to get angry. However, staying calm and apologizing while exercising patience tells a client you handle bad situations well.

The client doesn’t see these issues as a big deal—if they’re ready for a sale, you already impressed them.

The technological issue isn’t your fault. While you’re waiting for your laptop to be up and running, talk to your client and get to know them better rather than cursing at your computer.

Are You Ready for Your First Client Meeting?

From the location to the way you greet your client, there are many ways to impress a client as well as ways you can easily deter them. The first client meeting is what matters.

When you nail your client greeting skills, you can attract all new clients and retain them.

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