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Locked and Secured: 3 Security Interview Questions Every Business Should Ask

In the United States, about 1.1 million private security guards protect businesses, events, and individuals. These officers help keep malls, offices, and schools safe. Prioritizing the security of your customers and employees is a must in any business.

Have you considered hiring a security guard? You might have considered it but, thought you needed to hire an expert to handle the recruiting process. Yet, that’s far from the truth.

You can hire the best security officer for your facilities without expert advice. Don’t know how to do it?

We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you the must-ask security interview questions you shouldn’t forget when interviewing your candidates. Keep reading for your personal security officer interview guide.

How to Hire Security Guard Jobs: Must-Ask Security Interview Questions You Shouldn’t Forget

Hiring security personnel intimidates most business owners because they lack a background in the industry. Yet, it’s more simple than you may think. You must tackle the interview like you would for any other position.

It all starts with asking the right security officer interview questions. Don’t know what to ask your candidates? Here are 3 must-ask questions you shouldn’t forget during your interviews.

1. Do You Have Any State Required Licenses?

During the interview process, you should ask the candidate if they meet your state and jurisdiction licensing requirements. In the state of Texas, a security officer must apply and receive a license from the Department of Public Safety.

In most jurisdictions, the officer must complete the required training in order to apply for their license. It’s recommended to consider companies such as OPS Security Group that meet the licensing requirements in several states.

2. How Do You Deal with Angered Public?

When you hire a security guard, you expect them to handle uncomfortable situations including the angered public. It’s good practice to ask your candidates how they handle tough situations.

You could even ask them to provide an example of a situation and the outcome. The right candidate will be able to calm the person without losing control over the situation.

3. Can You Offer Armed Protection?

It’s recommended to ask your candidates if they can provide armed protection. In states such as Texas, armed guards must complete a written examination in addition to the security guard training.

While it may cost you, you may consider hiring an armed guard for more protection. Some reasons why you should consider hiring an armed officer is your offices are in a high crime zone, working late hours, among other reasons.

The Bottom Line About Hiring Security Guards

You may think outsourcing your security personnel recruitment is the best call. Yet, you can hire your security team yourself. But, only if you tackle the hiring process the same way you recruit other positions.

What type of security does your business need? Do you need armed guards? Ask yourself everything about your security needs and make a list of the required candidate qualifications.

You should gear your security guard interview toward learning how the candidate can meet your business security needs. Keep in mind that not all companies or officers are the same, so you should research their reputation before hiring them for the job.

Asking the right security interview questions is half the game when it comes to managing your business security. Want more business management helpful tips and advice? Check out our Business Advice section to find more insightful articles.