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How to Prevent Commercial Burglary

What if someone came into your business and stole everything?

In what ways are you currently protecting your business from theft? What are the areas of weakness? How can you train your staff to help in this protection effort? 

Security is continuing to grow in importance as technology makes it easier for theft to occur without anyone entering your business. 

Keep reading to learn how to prevent commercial burglary.

Keep Changing Passwords

Access is everything. Passwords, lock codes, and other layers of security devices allow you to deny access to those that shouldn’t get the information. Changing entry codes to a building frequently can help to deter theft. 

Employees may accidentally share the code or outside personnel may catch on to the code if it stays consistent over time. 

Changing passwords can also help prevent hacking because it will make it harder to access the network and gain sensitive business information. 

Train Employees on Commercial Burglary

Employee awareness can be the difference between recognizing a burglar and not knowing who is committing theft. Teaching your employees to be aware of their surroundings and reporting any kind of unusual activity can allow you to catch the little things. 

Your employees can serve as security in this way and take responsibility for helping to protect the business that they work for. Creating a process that everyone should follow for reporting can help keep everyone on the same page. 

Hiring specific security guard services can allow you to know the status of the security of your business at all times. You can hire the services to be there when you aren’t so that your business is never vulnerable to attacks.

Get Loud

Whether you train employees to yell when they see something or you install alarms at every door, sound can be beneficial in your efforts to protect your business. Alarms are typically sending a signal to the security service as well as local law enforcement while they are going off. This means that they serve a triple purpose for security use. 

Simply saying anything to the thieves could help deter them from carrying out their plan. Employees can avoid confrontation and still get the description of the trouble. 

Look For Patterns

Are there any people that visit your business every day? Who comes in and never buys anything? What delivery guy hangs around for longer than they should? 

Repeated patterns could be an indication of someone preparing to attack your business with the information that they have gathered through their multiple visits. Having meetings to discuss any of these potential individuals can keep everyone aware of them. 

Get Started Today

Don’t wait any longer to protect your business! Now that you have learned how to prevent commercial burglary, you can take action steps toward building a more secure environment. Check out our website for more informational articles like this one.