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12 Creative Plumber Marketing Strategies

Does your plumbing business need help reaching out to potential clients? Take a look at these plumber marketing strategies for inspiration.

Regardless of the industry, you’re in, digital marketing is essential. Digital marketing helps bring in customers and increases brand awareness. When more customers use your services, the more money you make.

This is important for your plumbing business. Plumbing is a necessary service, but competition is fierce.

A good way to stand out from other plumbers is using great digital marketing strategies. While you may know a thing or two about a toilet, digital marketing is a difficult skill to conquer.

Here are 12 great plumber marketing techniques to help grow your business. Even when you’re not fixing toilets, use these strategies to boost business exposure.

1. Create a Great Website

Every business needs a website. A website shows legitimacy and provides basic company information. But your website is also the forefront of all digital marketing efforts.

If you just started a plumbing business, use your website for SEO, ads, and other search engine techniques.

Your web design also determines how much Google promotes your business; bad UI/UX means you can perform badly on search engine results.

Plumbing is a local-based industry, so always use local SEO plumber marketing tactics.

This includes having your NAP data, or name, address, and phone number. Keep this information in the header or footer on all of your website pages.

2. Submit to Local Online Directories

You can submit your plumbing company to local directors the same way you did before the internet — only now, these directories are online and not in print.

The most important local directory is Google; when your business is searched on Google, your customers will immediately see your website and contact information.

You can also submit your website to Google so they promote your website when a customer in your area searches for a local plumber.

You can also search additional directories that appeal to businesses on a local and national scale.

3. Always Use SEO

SEO and local SEO were mentioned previously, but it’s important to understand the intricacies of this technique. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO’s basic definition is it displays your website higher in search engine results.

SEO uses organic methods to drive results or unpaid methods. Examples of this include keywords, content, content titles, web design, website speed, meta information, tags, and other useful content including high-res images and video.

Local SEO uses techniques specific to your local area. This includes city and state keywords, tags, titles, and content based on your local area. You’ll also utilize specific platforms, such as Google Maps.

4. Social Media Marketing

There are 2 billion people on multiple social media platforms. If you’re not utilizing social media marketing, your plumber marketing will likely fail.

There’s a reason why social media is important: it brings people together. Social media helps increase brand exposure, but you can connect with your customers.

You can join groups, forums, and other places to meet customers. When you post discounts or referral services, your customers can easily share them or send them to their friends.

Social media also offers your customers a way to connect with you by using the messaging and commenting system.

5. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is coming a long way. With paid ads, you have many options with inorganic plumber marketing.

You can use different search engine services, other websites, and you can even advertise on social media.

How advertising works is you pay for your ad. When a customer clicks on your ad, your ad is promoted on more search engine results or other websites.

You can choose a keyword ad, and your website will be promoted when a customer searches specific keywords. You can also use a logo or image as a visual that appears on different websites and social media pages.

6. Cross-Promotion

This is a type of strategy where you partner with another company. You both use marketing methods to promote each other. This helps you appeal to customers you would never reach before.

In the trade industry, you can partner with another non-competitor trade service.

An example is a carpentry or a water conditioning company such as Kinetico.

You can use plumber marketing to attract a larger audience, and offer discounted carpentry services for your partner.

You can also use social media to connect with other businesses. You can create social media posts so you can both share the post on your social media channels.

7. Run a Blog

Running a blog is an important SEO strategy. When Google displays search engine results, Google attaches to written content. Google especially attaches to keywords found in your title, article descriptions, metadata, tags, and content.

The easiest way to use written content is writing regular blogs. These blogs should be based on trending topics in your industry.

When creating a content plan, research trending topics and great-performing plumber marketing keywords. Write a blog and schedule a day and time to publish it.

You can even write articles about your company, such as promoting a new service.

8. Professional Video

Before the internet, a great way to promote your brand was investing in a commercial. When people would watch TV, your commercial would appear.

But these days, people are using their phones, tablets, and computers for entertainment.

This doesn’t mean commercials aren’t valuable, they’re just posted on another medium. Create regular video advertisements and publish them on YouTube and Facebook.

Professional video work is your best bet. But smartphones have such advanced cameras, you can record a quick video and immediately upload it to your social media.

These DIY videos are perfect when blogging about plumbing advice and maintenance.

9. Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is another type of video promotion you can use to engage with fans.

Live video is video recorded in real-time and immediately streams to your social media followers.

Just about all social media channels offer this service, but it’s most popular on YouTube and Facebook. For plumber marketing, you can use live video streaming to promote a sale or service.

If you notice a major plumbing issue, you can do a live video explaining the problem and demonstrating how to fix it. A lot of businesses use live video for Q&As and even ask for customer advice.

10. Engage in Forums

A great way to reach out to an online audience is engaging in forums. These forums are different than traditional social media channels.

Rather than evoking a connection through personal attributes, they connect people with common interest. Oftentimes, you remain anonymous in these forums. But people access forums to ask for information or advice.

Forums such as Quora or Reddit are perfect examples. Many people use these forums to ask about plumbing issues.

When you answer these questions, gain legitimacy by stating your qualifications, your name, and your company. Answer their question in a professional manner.

There’s no shame in leaving your email, phone number, and social media channels to offer more help.

11. Check Online Reviews

The internet consumer is smarter than any other consumer. When searching for the best plumber, they will search reviews. Customers can review your business on multiple outlets which include Google, social media, and directory listings.

Ideally, you want your business to rank 4 out of 5 stars. But one bad review can make a potential customer support a competitor. Even if you believe you offer superb service, a customer may say something different.

You can’t control what customers say, but you can monitor your reviews.

If you notice a customer left a positive review, respond and offer a discount on their next purchase.

If a customer left a bad review, apologize and offer a discounted or free service.

You can even offer a service that encourages customers to leave a review. Whether good or bad, the customer can get a free or discounted service.

12. Have a Whitepaper Available On Your Website

An important way you can stand out from a competitor is offering a whitepaper on your website. This is a document describing the products and services you offer as well as any technology you use in your service.

This document provides more than just plumber marketing. It’s educational material for your customers. Your current or future customers will learn more about your product, services, and how you achieve such great quality.

To beef up your whitepaper, do some competitive research. State their products and services and provide facts about why your products and services are better.

Always write for your reader. Your reader wants their plumbing fixed, fixed for the long-term, and wants advice to make plumbing easier. Use these facts when writing your whitepaper.

Time to Use Plumber Marketing

Digital marketing strategies help your business grow.

You’ll attract more customers and increase brand awareness. But knowing different plumber marketing strategies can be difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a marketing genius to effectively market your plumbing business.

Perform better on search engines, utilize social media, and never underestimate the power of content. And oftentimes, connecting with customers and offering advice is a powerful strategy.

Use these strategies and be the most successful plumber in your area.

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