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Razzle Dazzle Insta: How to Take Good Instagram Photos

Instagram has almost one billion monthly active users.

It would be a shame not to leverage this huge audience!

Over the last few years, Instagram has grown to be an effective marketing tool for many businesses and personal brands.

However, not everything that’s posted on Instagram captures the attention of the target market. You need to have great photos! After all, Instagram’s main purpose is to share photos.

Read on for tips on how to take good Instagram photos.

How to Take Good Instagram Photos

Consider the following tips:

1. Rule of Thirds and Grid

Any good Instagram pic should have a clear point of interest. To achieve a centered photo, turn on the grid feature on your phone. This lets you visualize your shot’s composition before you take the actual photo. While it may not be possible to fit all objects to a grid, it’ll help you see hidden symmetries.

Another thing you may want to consider is the rule of thirds. From this concept, the subject should occupy a third or two-thirds of the photo, for a more dynamic effect. Your subject shouldn’t be in the center. Rather, place it in the top or bottom third or two-thirds of the photo.

If you want to better visualize the rule of thirds, adjust your phone settings to see a grid when taking photos.

Whether you’re a personal brand or small business, you should aim at driving traffic to your digital platform and engaging your followers. These rules will help you create the perfect visuals for your Instagram platform.

2. Composition

It isn’t only about the shooting, but setting the perfect scene!

Ever seen those messy sheets, artfully placed magazines, and casual pineapples?

They don’t look pretty on their own. You have to make your profile a canvas – be as creative as you can get. Stand out by creating a cohesive appearance with your images.

To have the perfect composition for cool Instagram pics consider the following:

Choose a Suitable Background

The simpler the background, the better! You may also consider blurred backgrounds because they make you stand out.

Make sure the main element of the pic doesn’t get lost in a distracting background. Wooden and marble tables are a current crowd-favorite.

Choose an Appropriate Style

Always try to maintain harmony between colors and give your scene a theme.

Also, don’t forget to watch out for the proportions. Make sure to balance out small objects with larger ones. A repetitive pattern is also a creative way to fill your frame.

3. Lighting

You might have the most incredible outfit or an amazing bowl of salad that you can’t wait to post, but if your lighting is poor, then they won’t look so amazing.

Whether you like using backlights, indoor lamps, or playing with shadows, natural light will always work best for all your photos. It’s warm, soft, and adds dimension to your photos.

If you’re planning to have your shoot outdoors, look for spots with open shade. You get to enjoy natural light without the pesky issues of direct sunlight.

Alternatively, you can shoot indoors near windows to take advantage of the natural light. However, shooting from the light source may create silhouettes which may result in poor quality photos.

Always remember that even a small amount of natural light can change the quality of your Instagram photos.

So, what’s the best time to shoot?

Consider shooting at dawn because objects tend to look warmer, bringing out an awesome kind of glow that no amount of filter can ever match.

4. Editing

You’ve captured an awesome photo – the lighting, composition, and placement are perfect. Now, you have to make it a drool-worthy Instagram pic. Remember that a little goes a long way when editing.

With a range of editing apps, it may be challenging to figure out where to begin. There are various things to consider such as color saturation, contrast, and more than three apps to download. Snapseed, VSCO Cam, A Color Story, and Facetune can help you edit like a pro.

You can also use Instagram’s own photo editing software, which has improved over the years.

When editing, create a theme with the filters you choose. Being consistent with filters in your Instagram photos is the easiest way to begin a theme.

5. Type of Camera

Over the years, the smartphone’s built-in cameras have gotten better and better. So, instead of taking your pics on Instagram, use your phone’s photo app. Your device’s camera doesn’t have the same frame size constraint as Instagram, hence you’re able to capture large and high-quality pictures.

Photos look better when shot uncompressed then loaded on the Instagram app for editing to suit your specifications. Shooting with your phone’s camera allows you to be flexible as you can save your photos to post later.

With great pictures, you can upgrade Instagram by consulting social media marketing companies like Social Upgrade.

Time to Start Snapping Good Pics for Instagram

Now that you know how to take good Instagram photos with the tips above, have fun creating an awesome Instagram profile. You can use captions to keep your followers glued to their feeds. Make them humorous, concise, and able to evoke thought.

Your feed also needs personality – so tailor it to your preferred theme and show off your creativity in every single shot.

Look for those moments worth snapping!

Watch out for strange, exciting, and heartfelt things around you and capture them. However, don’t invade personal spaces trying to capture a moment. Ensure that you accompany your Instagram photos with helpful and credible content. This will increase your credibility in your specific niche.

To get more insights on the do’s and dont’s of social media marketing, check out one of our latest blogs.