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5 Editing Tricks That Help Improve Photographs

When you run a small business, you don’t always have money to hire the best photographers or editors. But no one wants to work with a business with low-quality visual content.

So, how do you get your photographs to look as good as what a big corporation could produce? With some easy-to-use editing tools! 

Keep reading to learn the top 5 small editing tricks you can use to improve photographs.

1. Healing Tool

This tool is often used to fix cosmetic issues. It is also known as a blemish tool. With this tool, you can cover up small blemishes like pimples, spots, or any other small distraction from your image. 

When using this tool, you click on a part of the image as your reference point and then use that to cover up the blemish. As long as you keep it small, it is unnoticeable to your viewers. 

2. Color Correcting

Sometimes you’ve got the perfect image, but it just isn’t popping. This can result from a few things, like poor lighting and exposure issues, poor saturation or the object itself being a little washed out.

Color correcting is one of the most popular editing techniques. You pick the part of the image that isn’t looking great, and you adjust its color to be more impactful. It could be something small like adjusting the eye color of the model, or something big like making the sky a more vibrant shade of blue.

But remember, there are limits to what looks natural. As long as you’re trying to adjust something to a color close to what the photo captured, it shouldn’t be noticeable. 

3. Resize Your Photographs

Sometimes the initial framing of an image can be improved. With photo editing, you can resize images and reposition the object in the frame. This helps with shifting the focus of the photograph, making the object more or less prominent as needed. 

4. Remove the Background

If you’re in a business where you need to upload stock or product images, a crisp background can make you stand out. But how do you get that perfectly clear background? By removing it. 

Removing the background of an image lets you replace it with a solid color, another background, or keep the background transparent. These can all bring focus to the object of the image. 

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5. Enhance the Image

There’s nothing worse than taking a great photograph and realizing it’s blurry when you see it up close. This can happen when your camera was out of focus, or your initial image sizing was off.

In this case, you should use an enhancing tool. These tools find the blurry edges of your image and sharpen them up. 

Improve Photographs With Editing

You’re now all set to improve photographs with these editing tips. Play around with them to find out what works best for your business’s visual content style. 

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