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The Best Music to Listen to While Working: The 8 Best Genres and Playlists for the Office

Do you enjoy listening to music while working? Did you know music can make you perform work tasks more quickly? Listening to music while working can make you more productive depending on which type of music is playing.

If you want to be more productive, they’re certain genres of music that’ll help and others that will hurt productivity. 

In this article, you’ll learn the best music to listen to while working so you can make sure you’re being your most productive self. Read on to discover these best types of music for productivity, and watch yourself get more done quickly!

1. Classical Music

Did you know that listening to classical music especially Mozart can increase abstract thinking? If you’re looking to be more productive while working and get your thought process going, you’ll want to listen to classical music. 

 Do you think classical music might be a good fit for you? Here’s a great playlist for classical music.

2. Nature Sounds

Do you enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature such as birds chirping, waterfalls flowing, or thunderstorms in the distance? The good news is nature can help increase your concentration and cognitive function

So don’t be afraid to listen to your favorite nature sounds today. Here’s a great playlist for nature.

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3. Video Game Music 

Are you a fan of video game music or love video games? Are you surprised to see video game music on this list for music to increase productivity? Well, think about when you’re playing a game, it takes a lot of focus right?

Video game songs are designed to make sure you’ll keep intense focus while playing against a boss or different levels. You can have that same focus while you’re working as well, just put on some of your favorite video game soundtracks and get to work. 

If you’re looking for a great video game playlist, here’s a great one

4. White Noise

Do you work in an open office which you might enjoy the openness of it, but sometimes you just want some quiet to focus. You don’t need to hear your coworker’s cough or sneeze, or someone picking up a phone, so white noise will cancel those noises out. 

Pop in your headphones and go to silence from all those little distracting noises. Here’s a great playlist for white noise.

5. Epic Music

Epic music like the name suggests can make you feel like you’re overcoming something big whether a monster in a game, or a hurdle in life. If you’re feeling tired or unmotivated listen to some epic music which is great motivational music for work. 

Here’s a great playlist to get you productive and going on a tiring day.

6. Instrumental Music

Sometimes you just want pure instruments in your music and no lyrics or singing. If you like instrumental you’ll be happy to know it’s one of the best genres to listen to while working. Instrumental music has been shown to increase producitivity and focus as well.

Here’s a great instrumental music playlist to get your focus going.

7. Feel Good Songs

In life, sometimes you might feel discouraged and need a boost to uplift your mood and get you through your day. Feel-good songs are there for that to increase your productivity and focus even if you’re initially feeling down. 

If you’re looking for a feel-good playlist, here’s one that won’t disappoint.

8. Pump up Songs

Are you trying to reach a deadline, or say you have an important presentation at work? Pump up songs are found to help with taking initiative and feeling empowered. If you’re looking to feel more in control and want to take initiative, listen to some pump-up songs.

Whether you’re looking to speak with your boss about salary negotiations, need to present to an audience, or just need some extra feeling of empowerment, pop in a good pump-up playlist

9. Ambient Music

If you’re looking for instrumental with some electronic mixed in for a relaxing good time, check out ambient music. It’s no surprise that a style of music so uniquely its own would be great for relaxation and enhancing your mood or atmosphere.

Ambient music is all about emphasizing atmosphere and tone using softer and soothing tones rather than traditional music’s structure. 

If you’re looking for a great ambient music playlist check out this playlist

Music to Avoid 

While they’re plenty of genres that will increase your productivity and focus while working, they’re some that will just decrease that productivity you’re looking for. It’s important to remember everyone is different, so see what works best for you. Certain factors could make music not work for you so try to avoid these factors:

  • Music with lyrics
  • If a task is more difficult you might want to focus on the task instead of music
  • If music is forced onto you you’re less likely to enjoy it
  • Complex music instead of less intense music

 Best Music to Listen to While Working 

You learned all about the best music to listen to while working and their respective playlists. Whether you are looking for motivation, focus, or a pick me up, music is there for you.

Remember, everyone is different so pay attention to what you’re most productive listening to. 

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