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No, You Can’t Use Self-Storage as an Office (And Here’s Why!)

Have you ever considered renting a storage unit to use as your home office? Seems like a good idea, right? it’s much more affordable than commercial real estate, and just the right size.

Over 69% of entrepreneurs start their business from homes, so if you’re in need of more space, you’re not alone.

However, a storage unit isn’t really the right choice. Read on to learn why, plus what you can use a storage unit for instead!

You’re Not Allowed to Use Storage Space as an Office

Unfortunately, the main reason you can’t use public storage units for an office is that it’s not allowed. Almost always, the storage company has banned this practice because the units aren’t approved for occupancy.

If you were using it as your office, you may be in breach of zoning laws, but the storage company would also likely terminate your lease.


Even if you could work from a storage unit, you probably wouldn’t want to. While they are perfect for extra storage space, they aren’t so great for humans.

No windows mean no natural light, concrete floors and lack of climate control means a day of working in a storage unit office wouldn’t be too enjoyable.

Is that the sort of office you’d invite important clients to? Probably best to stick to coffee shops or co-working offices if you want to make a good first impression.

Yes, you’d be saving money on rent, but at what cost?

How Can a Storage Unit Help My Business Then?

Ok, so it looks like a storage unit won’t work as an office. But, it can benefit your home office in other ways.

If you’re running your business from home, where are you keeping all your files, paperwork, or inventory?

Likely, in a spare bedroom or stacked around the house. For many people, this is an inconvenience they just accept, but it may be starting to bother your family, who miss their space in the house.

To get your house back and keep your business in order, consider commercial storage options as an alternative to storing your business supplies at home.

It will provide you with extra storage space at an affordable cost, perfect for stock for your online business, archives and records, or larger boxes or items. Plus, most storage units will protect your items against unwanted water damage, something that commonly occurs in home basements.

Look for a storage unit company near your home, so that it’s easy to pop over whenever needed. You can also give access to a co-worker or business partner so that everything for the company can be easily accessed at any time.

Find the Perfect Commercial Storage Today

Now that you know the best way to use a storage unit to benefit your home business, find one local to you and finally get everything moved out of the guest room!

A storage unit can add organization, peace of mind, and easy access to all of your company materials, without having to keep them at home. Get started today and see how it can improve your business.

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