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A Remote Worker’s Guide to the Different Types of Office Desks

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, working from home has well and truly become “the new normal”. And if you, too, have moved from a traditional office environment to a home office, then you might have faced a few challenges.

For example, do you have all the right tools that you need to perform your duties to the best of your abilities? We’re not just talking about your tech equipment, but about the set-up of your workstation. 

Let’s begin with your desk. Did you know that there are many different types of office desks to choose from? Read below for our top picks, and some expert advice on which models might be best for your specific needs.

Perfect For Freelance Writers

If you work as a writer, you’ll need a simple, minimal desk that doesn’t take up too much space and helps you to keep things neat and well-organized. Most likely, you will be working with a small laptop as opposed to a desktop computer with several screens, so this type of desk will work great for you.

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Created for Tech Heads

On the other end of the spectrum from a writer sits an IT guy, so the desk requirements change quite a lot. As someone working in IT, there is a strong chance that you need a sizeable workstation. You probably have more than one computer, monitor, and other tech equipment.

You will also need a desk that helps you to keep all your wires and cables well-organized and out of sight. Similarly, you’ll want to select a sturdy, good-quality desk that can fit all your sophisticated (and expensive) tech components in the safest possible way.

Best For Fitness Fanatics

Fancy combining working from home with working… out from home? For all you fitness lovers out there, a desk bike can be a fun choice. A desk bike is exactly what you would expect: an exercise bike that can double as an office desk.

Using a desk bike will enable you to work on your computer while pedaling away and staying fit. A few words of caution, though. First of all, it’s important to note that a good-quality desk bike can be very expensive.

Then, you’ll also only want to use it with a laptop, as it won’t support a desktop computer. Finally, make sure that you keep an eye on your posture and on whether the seat supports your back in the right way. In general, it might be a good idea to use this type of desk only occasionally as opposed to every day, but it’s still a great way to get some exercise in while typing away.

Good For Your Posture

Speaking of staying fit and healthy while working from home, have you ever considered getting yourself a desk that enables you to maintain a strong, healthy posture? Cue the standing desk. As you know, spending hours on end sitting down can become pretty harmful for your body.

For this reason, you should be taking regular breaks and exercise at least once a day. And if you add a standing desk into the equation, even better. Stand-up desks are becoming more and more popular, and at the moment you can choose between three different options. 

For example, you can opt for a desk accessory that enables you to work at your normal desk while standing up. Or, why not buy a desk that can be lifted and lowered as and when you need it?

Want to go a bit more hardcore? Choose a static stand-up desk, that always maintains an elevated position.

Designed for Executives

As a C-level manager, the chances are that you have set up a pretty great and functional home office already. However, you might still need a more suitable desk for the type of work that you do. How about an executive desk?

These desks feature extensive drawer storage and surface space and are usually very large. They are also built from the most durable and highest-quality wooden materials. Their grand, elegant, and timeless look immediately turns them into a statement piece of furniture not only for your home office but for your entire house.

Suitable For Small Spaces

Do you share your house with other people, and struggle to find the space for a real home office? No worries, there is still plenty you can do to carve out a good area that can allow you to work and be productive.

You are going to need to be smart and creative when it comes to picking your desk. As you won’t have much space to play with, you should be considering something like a corner desk. These compact, nimble, and often affordable desks are clever space-saving solutions that can fit most small areas.

Know the Different Types of Office Desks and Pick the Right One for You

Are you looking to become more productive and motivated when working from your home office? Then, you should review your workstation, and consider getting a new desk.

There are many different types of office desks available, but the ones that we discussed in this article are the most common and popular. Which one will you choose? 

Simply think about your job, your day-to-day tasks, and your available space and budget: you can rest assured that there is a perfect desk out there for you.

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