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9 Awesome Reasons to Start a Coffee Shop Business

Did you know that coffee is the most popular drink in the world? There are around 2 billion cups of coffee drunk each day.

If this statistic doesn’t convince you to join this craze, maybe the list below will help.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into starting any business. Before you look into how to do this, you should begin by asking why you want to do this.

Starting with the why of any business adventure is a vital step. Doing so will help you realize your goal and give you a clear idea of how to stick to it. 

It will also help you create a company that people can relate to. Let’s go ahead and look at 9 great reasons why you should start your own coffee shop.

1. You Will Have a Certain Level of Freedom

Let’s say this is your very first business. You have worked a 9-5 for many years, and now you want to go out on your own. 

Straight away, you will notice the level of freedom that this choice brings. You can run your business in any manner you wish.

If you feel like giving your friend a free cup of coffee, that’s ok. It’s your coffee shop. Just don’t lose money from it.

2. Start a Coffee Shop and Answer to Yourself

In your previous working history, how many times has your boss done something to annoy you? That worry is now history. You only answer to yourself now.

You are the boss of your job. You can be as strict or as easy on yourself as you want. If you want to close for the day to see your family, you don’t need to ask permission before you do. 

Just bear in mind, the more you are closed, the less money you will make. Please don’t make this a habit.

3. The Potential Profit Is Great

Let’s revisit the statistics from the top of the article, 2 billion cups of coffee every day. If you can find a spot in a prime location, you could sell your fair share of this number.

Look at all the big-time coffee companies. They will have started as a single coffee shop company. Put in the time and the effort and create the best coffee shop you can. You could be up there with these giants in no time.

4. Become Part of the Community

How many times have you met up with your friends at a local coffee shop? Your new shop could be this local hang-out now. 

The people in your location’s surrounding community will come to you for their coffee. After a while, these people will become regulars.

Maybe you remember their order. Perhaps you remember their names. Either way, you will become a concrete part of the community around you.

5. Freedom to Be Creative

As I mentioned before, you’re your own boss. Take this opportunity to be creative. 

Try that vanilla bean coffee. Create some fantastic offers for your customers to try. Hold an open mic night in your store if you want to.

You don’t need to stick to the standard coffee beans that most places will use. Mix things up and grab some lovely Madagascar vanilla beans from Slofoodgroup. Stand out against the competition.

6. Enjoy Your Job

Imagine this, your coffee has grown in popularity, and you have your fair share of regulars. Each time they visit, you have the opportunity to sit and chat with them. 

You can remain social while working with a coffee shop. You aren’t shut away in a cubicle for the entire day like a lot of 9-5 jobs out there.

Get to know your community. Invite your customers back for return visits. 

By having a social life inside your shop, you will find you may not see it as a job. You may find you see it as friends popping around your house for a coffee and a catch-up.

7. Touch Others Lives

These regulars will come back to your shop because of the environment you’ve created. They will come back to have a chat because you have created a space they can come to escape the world of work.

You’ll touch your community’s lives just as much as they will touch yours. Creating bonds with your customers is a fantastic feeling.

8. Turn Dreams Into Reality

Everyone has dreamt of owning their own company at one time or another. You can make this dream a reality.

Imagine having the chance of talking to your past self. How proud would they be of you to say you finally did it. You built a coffee shop up from an idea.

On the other side of things, you will be able to have one of your own fantastic coffees at the start of each day for free. You will take yourself from dreams to reality in time to start your day.

9. Improve Your Knowledge

By the time your coffee shop has its regulars, you will be making enough money to be happy. But, on top of that progress, think about how much you would have learned leading up to that stage.

You are a business owner. You will drastically increase your business knowledge from when you started your journey.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Now you have started with the ‘Why’ of starting your own coffee shop. What reason stood closest to your own ideas and made the most sense?

Was it the high amount of money you could potentially make? Was it the flexibility of control you will have? Was it the potential increase of knowledge you will gain?

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