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Keep It Clean: How to Avoid the Flu in the Workplace

While we’ve weathered the worst of it at this point, the reign of flu season still hangs over us. The end of winter looms near, but it’s important to stay vigilant during these last few weeks of sick season. 

It’s important as a business owner to know how to avoid the flu in the workplace. Having the sickness spread can knock your employees out for over a week, leaving you struggling to keep things moving.

Ideally, everyone at the office would get vaccinated with a flu shot leading up to the season. Since you don’t have control over that, there are some other ideas you can implement in the workplace to help stop the spread of germs.

Encourage Workers to Take Precautionary Measures

Communication can go a long way in the workplace. If you lead the way in terms of flue prevention, your employees are likely to follow. There are many steps and practices your employees can take to help prevent germs from spreading at the office.

For one, encourage employees to practice keeping a safe distance from one another during the flu season. If someone in the office isn’t feeling well, they should work in a manner that allows them to keep a distance from other workers.

This might mean moving them to another room. More likely, it might mean encouraging them to work from home for a few days until they are feeling better. While it may be convenient to have all your employees under one roof, it isn’t worth getting everyone sick.

Encourage employees to practice proper hygiene. Coughing and sneezing should be covered with a tissue in hand. Everyone should wash their hands as much as possible. Ensure that soap dispensers in the bathroom are filled at all times.

Washing hands frequently is the best way to get rid of germs and prevent their spread around the workplace.

Symptoms of the Flu

How can you tell if one of your employees is coming down with the flu? If you can notice the illness early enough, you might be able to send the employee home and avoid them spreading it around the office.

Common symptoms of the flu include coughing, sore throat, body aches, chills, fatigue, and runny nose. Any combination of these symptoms might indicate that a person is coming down with the flu.

A person who is at risk of catching the flu should see a medical professional as early as possible. A doctor can prescribe the necessary medication that can aid in recovery and help lessen the pain associated with certain symptoms. 

A person will remain contagious five to seven days after developing symptoms and should be kept away from other employees for that duration of time if not longer.

How to Avoid the Flu at Work

If you’re looking for information about how to avoid the flu in your workplace, it’s essential that you read the above information carefully. Becoming familiar with flu prevention can help make your workplace a safer environment.

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