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6 Effective Chiropractic Marketing Ideas That Will Help Grow Your Practice

6 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas That Will Help Grow Your Practice

If you own a chiropractic practice, you should be looking for new ways to expand your business and attract new patients. Here are 6 effective chiropractic marketing ideas that will help grow you practice.

With nearly 80% of the population sure to feel pain in their back at some point in their life, it shouldn’t be hard to find an audience for your company. However, with more experienced practitioners running offices in your region, it can be hard to compete. If you focus on creating a strong chiropractic marketing plan, you’ll be able to compete with even the most decorated doctors on the block.

Follow these 6 tips to ensure your marketing plan is a hit.

1. Start A Blog

One of the best ways to start gaining attention for your office is to create and promote a blog. When people use search engines, they’re looking for one of two things. They’re either looking for an answer to a specific question or they’re looking for a specific product.

Provide the answer to both by starting a blog. You can answer common questions about being a chiropractor and what kinds of common aches people have. You can recommend various services that you provide as a solution.

A blog allows you to show up in search engine results when people ask those questions about chiropractic needs. Put together a list of common aches and pains that people have and create a short blog post about each. Deploy a few a week for a few weeks and you’ll be able to start building a following.

2. Run Social Media Promotions

Social media is probably the cheapest and most effective way to roll out a promotion. Running a promotion on social media allows you to reach your customers with a deal immediately. You’ll also be able to get immediate feedback.

If there are terms and conditions that you haven’t considered, customers will help by giving you feedback on the spot.

You should make channel-specific promotions. This can help you to see not only who is following you but what channels you have the most engagement on. You might have ten times the number of followers on Facebook as you do on Instagram but you could get ten times the engagement on Instagram.

Create different promo codes for each channel so you can follow who is engaging with you and where they’re coming from.

3. Make Some Videos

Create videos for your office showing people the kinds of services you offer. Have friends or actors play as patients while you walk viewers through what a session involves. Take some time to add some high-production value with good lighting and good sound.

Create a series of 10-15 second videos of reminders how to have better chiropractic health. You can help guide people to your site and to your services by showing them what services they could receive.

Teaching people simple things like how to sit at their desk at work could be extremely beneficial for marketing your business. If people learn something and implement it in their daily life, they’ll be thinking about you every single day.

Check out the kinds of video testimonials this company puts on their site. It could inspire some ideas for what your office needs to get the ball rolling.

4. Get In The Meme Game

Memes are a great way to show you have some cultural literacy and a sense of humor. Everyone loves a brand that can make fun of itself or show it has some real personality.

Most brands have very little personality, especially in the health and wellness industry. When you show that you are in on a joke or that you love a certain show or online character, you build a relationship with potential clients. If it makes them laugh, you’ll win their business.

5. Collaborate With Other Brands

Collaborating with other brands in the health and wellness industry has two major benefits. It helps you get out of the shell of being a business owner that’s worried about the day to day goings on in your company and to meet new people. It also allows you share audiences with people who you might otherwise not have access to.

Whether you’re in a small town or a big city, connecting to other nearby businesses can bring people to your doorstep. Start a promotion that’s targeted to your partner’s most loyal customers. If they come into their office for treatment, they get 10% off at your office.

Run the inverse promotion and you’ll both start to find your schedules becoming ever fuller.

If there’s a company that makes soothing natural bath products, offer their products next to your desk. It’ll give people the opportunity to smell and to touch those products as they wait for their bill or schedule their next visit. Offer them at a discount and you might find a new collaboration is born.

6. Give An Industry Discount

The best way to scoop up a whole lot of new customers is to offer an industry-wide discount at your office. Your discount can be targeted at other people who are in the health and wellness industry or you can branch out.

If your office is located near a series of bars and restaurants, offer the discount to everyone who works at those businesses. If people are on their feet a lot, they could use an inexpensive consultation or some basic services. Learn about what they need the most and you can cater to a whole new set of customers who spend most of their time working at bars and restaurants.

Chiropractic Marketing Doesn’t Need To Be a Pain

When you’re working on your chiropractic marketing plan, you should make sure that you’re having fun. The more sincere your approach to marketing is, the bigger of a hit it’ll be. If you’re not speaking with your own unique voice, your customers will know.

If you’re struggling to develop your unique brand, make sure you check out our guide.