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5 Tips for Marketing Your New CBD Business

The CBD market will become a $63 billion business by 2024. Legal restrictions are loosening around CBD all over the US, which makes it a prime time to invest in your own CBD company. 

Marketing for a CBD business can be tricky, however. Since it is not recognized to treat or cure any ailment by the FDA, CBD must present itself as a dietary supplement. Add to this a myriad of confusing laws and regulations, and it may seem difficult to promote your business and follow all the rules.

Luckily, we have a few tips on how you can maximize your marketing to grow your brand and client base. Read on to see what practices you should be following to keep your CBD company in the green!

Become an Expert

Whether you own a dispensary or not, it’s crucial to do research and stay on the cutting edge of CBD. Stay informed on scientific testing, legal status, drug trials, and customer feedback. This helps you represent your product with honesty and compassion.

Educating your customers about the lack of “high” with CBD products and the variety of types of CBD they can try will help build trust in your brand. You can better match clients with the products that will work for their needs.

Do you know how CBD interacts with the blood-brain barrier? Are you read up on the best way to titrate CBD doses? If not, it’s time to be your brand’s number one information resource.

Create Meaningful Content

Since advertising for CBD can be fraught with red tape, it’s crucial to offer quality content that draws customers to your website. This blog, for example, does a great job of showing how to feature an article that addresses a common issue and possible treatments without violating FDA standards. 

Use SEO strategies to generate hits and keep your site on the cutting edge of relevant content. Paired with a user-friendly, attractive website, you’ll draw in customers and engage them time and again.

Quality Products

As customers learn more about CBD, they are figuring out what makes a quality product. Let your brand become known for benchmarks such as third-party testing, quality grown hemp, a reliable COA certificate, and CO2 extraction processes. 

Transparent labeling is crucial, as well. The more high-quality and transparent your brand, the better the reviews you’ll get. Being a brand that follows these tenants can land you deals with discerning retailers, like health food stores.

Build the Brand

CBD businesses have a unique opportunity to impact the health and wellness of their customers. As such, personal and meaningful customer service is key.

While the FDA limits the claims you can make about CBD products, you can educate your customers by recommending information to them. You can also showcase products that promote wellness. Be a seasoned advocate with personal CBD experience, and encourage your employees to do the same.

Use social media to connect with customers. You might have limited advertising choices, but you can still generate an online community. Use promotions and business-to-consumer interactions to build a following.

Share useful information with your fanbase and let them become your biggest cheerleaders. The great thing about CBD users is that they like to share their success with their social circle. This can build a unique ripple effect for brand loyalty.

Keep them knowledgeable and excited about developments in the field of CBD research that back up your products. Their empowerment will reward you with referrals and recommendations. 

Grow Your CBD Business With Our Tools

It’s exciting to be in the business of changing lives. Your CBD business can make you a tidy profit while impacting the health and wellness of countless people. Following these important guidelines can set you up for success in the fast-growing CBD industry.

Small Business Brief has tons of tools you can use to grow your new company. Our robust community forums can connect you with like-minded business owners. Let us help maximize your marketing impact; check out our top 7 tips on content marketing for 2019!