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Understanding a Natural Link and Learning How to Get More of Them

Do you want more customers?

Of course you do! It’s a rhetorical question. No successful business ever said no to the prospect of earning additional business to increase their profits. 

One of the best ways to attract those customers is by leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your website’s rank for relevant search queries that customers in your industry are Googling. In short, if you want to attract more customers, your website has to be Google-friendly.

Natural links are by far one of the most significant ranking factors Google uses. But what is a natural link and how do you get more of them?

Fortunately for you, we’ll be answering both of those questions in this very article.

What Is a Natural Link?

The concept behind a natural link is simple. A natural link occurs when a webmaster hyperlinks text on their website to a page on your website. They do this out of their own free volition, not because you have paid them.

Natural links also have another benefit apart from the SEO improvement that we discussed above. They also help to route traffic from the website that hosts the link to your brand. This is even more free traffic that you could convert into paying, profitable customers. 

What Link Building Strategies Should I Implement?

Now that you understand what a natural link is, it’s time to talk about how you should go about getting more of them.

The first thing to note is that you need to have content on your website that is worthy of a link. As a general rule, webmasters want to provide helpful content to their audience. So if your content isn’t helpful, then other webmasters aren’t going to want to link to you and direct their traffic to your website.

After all, that would only reflect poorly on their own brand.

So start out by creating educational resources for your industry. Invest in creating high-quality blog posts, videos, and infographics that educate consumers about your market.

Another way to build links is to ask for them. For instance, if you see an article complementary to a blog post you’ve posted, then approach the author of the blog post. 

Sincerely compliment them on the quality of their piece first to get their attention. Direct their attention to the piece that you’ve written and request a link. The key here is to do this en masse — make it a regular practice after you’ve published a piece of content to identify and contact lots of linking opportunities in complementary publications.

Another strategy is to provide free content to other publications in return for an included link back to your own website. Leveraging a guest blogging guide to help you get started with this practice. 

Skyrocket Your Way to the Top of the Search Results

There you have it — now that you know what a natural link is and a simple strategy to get more of them, you should soon start realizing the benefits of increased page rank in Google results combined with increased referral traffic from other websites.

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