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Fabrication Process: What to Look for in a Metal Fabrication Business

Will your next project could require metal fabrication? From big industry to small personal automotive projects, using metal fabrication could be more common than you think! 

Fabricators take sheet metal to form parts or pieces according to specifications. If you ever wonder how ships, car parts, cans, and other metal pieces achieve their shapes, it’s the work of a fabricator! 

When looking for help with your project’s fabrication process, here’s what to look for in a metal fabrication business.

What’s Their Experience Level?

When choosing a metal fabrication company, research their experience. How long have they been in the fabrication business? Can they show examples of their work? Do they have experience fabricating metal for projects like yours? 

Make sure to choose a fabricator who has experience designing and shaping metal for your needs. Whether you’re developing a new product or you specialize in a specific industry, your fabrication company needs to understand your product and have the skills to create what you need. 

Do They Have the Right Equipment? 

Along with the right experience, your fabricator needs to have the right equipment to produce the parts and pieces your need. Not all metal fabrication shops have the same equipment. 

When researching your metal fabricator, check out the machine floor and the equipment they use to produce pieces that can fit your designs. 

Are They Dependable? 

Dependability is critical in two ways: quality and deliverability.

No matter your order size:

  • Can they deliver the fabricated pieces that you need—when you need them?
  • Do they maintain the same high level of quality for every piece, every time?

If you need a metal fabricator to produce products or pieces for your services, dependability for both timing and quality is an essential characteristic to consider when choosing a fabrication partner. 

For a structure or something that isn’t product-related, you still need quality and reliability from your fabricator. A low-quality structure that doesn’t arrive on time can delay your project or cause unsafe conditions for workers or consumers. 

Do They Fit Your Budget?

You might pay a little more for a quality metal fabrication partner, but make sure they fit your budget. Cheaper isn’t always a good idea when choosing a designer to create and deliver the metal parts you need. 

Don’t overpay for quality and dependability. Make sure you ask for pricing and run the numbers to choose a fabricator that fits your budget. 

Are They Financially Stable? 

Before you leave a large project with your metal fabricator, make sure they run a business that can handle your work! You could suffer a significant financial loss if you invest in the resources to create your metal pieces with a company that’s on the verge of bankruptcy. 

A worthy fabricator has the financial backing to invest in their workforce for the long haul. 

Choose the Best Fabrication Process

Your business can depend on your fabrication process! Use this information to find the right metal fabricator for your project or business. 

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