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How Digital Marketing Statistics Can Affect Your PPC Campaign

Your PPC advertising campaign can take on a life of it’s own if you don’t have a thorough plan in place. One way to get the most out of your campaign is by understanding the digital marketing statistics that matter the most in your market.

Google processes billions of search queries every single day. And as of April 2017, Facebook’s ad platform had grown to five million businesses.

So why are we telling you these things?

Because such numbers are vital to the success of your PPC campaign. Of course, these specific numbers aren’t as important as other digital marketing statistics.

But which digital marketing stats are we talking about? And how do they affect your PPC campaigns?

Keep reading to figure out how to use digital marketing stats to create a killer PPC campaign.

Which Keywords You Should Be Bidding On

The average cost per click on Google’s Search Network increased by over 10 percent last year. Not only that, but ad spend grew by 24 percent. These numbers indicate that online advertising is becoming more competitive.

Which is why the keywords you bid on are more important than ever. If you’re a small business with little capital to spare, you’ll need to be more selective about your keywords.

If, for example, you’re advertising news about Minecraft seeds, you should probably avoid simple keywords such as:

  • “seeds for minecraft”
  • “minecraft seeds”

Try bidding on something more specific instead. “Seeds for Minecraft 1.13 Java Edition,” for example, is a much more targeted keyword.

Which Platforms You Should Be Using to Advertise Your Products

Digital marketing stats can also tell you which platforms you should be using to advertise your products or services.

The stats show, for instance, that Google Search Network is a strong advertising platform for many businesses. Google Search made up over half of retailers’ search ad clicks last year. Further still, Google search ad spending increased by over 20 percent.

Social media ad platform Facebook also made a strong showing. Over 80 percent of all paid social advertising was spent on this platform.

So ignoring the paid advertising opportunities the platform provides would be unwise. That’s just one of many social media mistakes some companies make today.

How You Should Be Allocating Your Advertising Budget

With all of the advertising platforms out there, some companies aren’t sure how to allocate their ad budgets. Luckily, certain PPC statistics are showing us which platforms are worth investing in.

Google and Facebook are obvious picks. But a few other ad platforms might be worth investing in as well. These platforms include:

  • Bing Ads (Its product ad spend grew over 40 percent last years.)
  • Instagram (It saw an astounding 122 percent increase in ad spend.)

But there’s more.

The way people are consuming ads is changing. Ad spend allocated solely to mobile devices was up 38 percent last year. In contrast, desktop spend only grew 21 percent.

And mobile dominated in another big way as well:

Mobile devices were responsible for 55 percent of Google’s search ad clicks in the final quarter of 2017. This dominance suggests that companies will have to start allocating substantial sums of their budgets to mobile ads.

How to Run a PPC Campaign: Use Digital Marketing Statistics

As you can see, digital marketing statistics are a powerful tool when used properly. These stats can help companies build solid strategies to help them stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Having said that, start building your data-driven PPC campaign today. The numbers are just waiting to be crunched and integrated into your marketing plan.

If you get lost along the way, just browse our blog to find solutions for your small business needs. We have solutions for entrepreneurs in every industry.