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8 Tips For Using Custom Buttons to Promote Your Business

Tips For Using Custom Buttons to Promote Your Business

Promoting your business goes beyond the internet. You need something that sticks with your customers. Here’s how you can use custom buttons to earn sales.

2017 saw advertisers spend nearly 600 billion dollars worldwide.

Advertising is a huge part of any company’s growth, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend crazy amounts of money to make an impact with your demographic.

Custom buttons are an underutilized marketing strategy that is easy to implement in any company. Even in this digital age, buttons are a great way to reach your customers in a fun way.

Here are some unique ways to incorporate them into your advertising strategy.

1. Free Gifts

Everyone enjoys getting free things. It makes people feel good. It makes them feel valued.

Giving frequent free gifts is a good first step to creating a positive bond with your customers.

This positive association will carry over to making strong connections towards your company.

These kinds of connections cover a lot of distance into making a customer loyal to your brand.

They’ll remember those freebies and feel that your company is worth their time and money.

Take some time to find the right custom button maker, such as this company. This way you can start giving away free gifts to your customers as soon as possible.

They’ll be happy that your company is the type to honor their customers.

2. Customer Loyalty Rewards

Accumulating loyal customers is the ultimate goal for a business owner, whether you’re in college starting out or a veteran in the field.

Incentive-based marketing strategies can go a long way in strengthening your brand. It gives your customers a reason to come back for more of your merchandise. It gives them something to work towards and to feel as though they are getting a deal all at the same time.

Buttons can be used as a way to track these frequent-buyer checklists. They can also be used as one of the prizes your customers can redeem.

3. Collectible Enticement

Custom buttons don’t have to be simple designs with your company’s logo printed on them.

Have fun with the designs. Come up with different themes that center around your products.

Make buttons to match the seasons and the holidays.

Give your customers a reason to want to own these buttons. Make the buttons interesting. Make them quirky. Make your customers want to collect the entire set.

This will entice them to pin the buttons on their belongings for everyone to see. Who doesn’t want a little bit of free advertisement?

4. Modern Day Business Card

Business cards are a classic choice to start promoting your company. Even in the digital age, paper business cards can find a place on the market. The problem with business cards is that they’re easy to ignore and throw away.

Finding new ways to get that same information out to your customers can make an even bigger impact on your company’s branding.

Why not try putting that kind of information on a well-designed button?

Custom buttons are something that your customers are more inclined to keep. Especially if they enjoy the design of it and want to wear it.

5. Promote New Products

Buttons can be customized to promote your products in many ways. They’re an inexpensive way to get your customers excited about any new merchandise you’re selling.

They can also bring back that same excitement to any products that might be dwindling in sales. If it feels like customers are beginning to forget about an old favorite, design a button specifically around that product.

Remind your customers in a subtle way that those products are still around. Advertising doesn’t need to be flashy or in-your-face in order to be effective.

6. Share at Events

Promoting your company is about more than putting up some advertisements and hoping for the best. You’ll need to move around and visit different events and conventions to spread your company’s name within the market.

When going to such events, having some things to hand out is always a great way to make a lasting impression. This is where custom buttons are the perfect choice to promote your brand.

When a potential customer gets home and digs out that button you gave them, it will bring back memories of their interaction with you.

It will reinforce the connection and make them far more likely to remember you in the future.

7. Jazz Up Employee Uniforms

Custom buttons aren’t meant only for your customer’s enjoyment. They also work great as a part of your employees and their uniforms too.

It will help spread that button’s message to customers as your employees interact with them. It also advertises the buttons as being valuable.

It wouldn’t look too good if you want people to enjoy your buttons but employees don’t wear them. Let the employees pick out their favorites to spice up their uniform.

Plus, it can be a conversation starter. Customers can inquire about the buttons and your employees can fill them in with all of the details.

8. Extra Merchandise

Coming up with different designs for your buttons is a great way to get customers itching to collect them. Because of this, it can be beneficial to offer customers the chance to purchase the buttons.

Not only will this help them fill out their collection, but you can also have a rotating selection. This will make it more of a quest for your customer to find the exact button they want, making the entire process even more incentive based.

Rotating the selection can also bring them back to see what new custom buttons are available months later.

Giving your customers a reason to come back is the perfect segue into selling them some of your more substantial products.

Custom Buttons are Wearable Advertisement Opportunities

These buttons may not be as flashy as a Facebook page or a billboard, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. Their versatility is hard to beat.

They have the unique ability to be both advertisement and a collectible people want to keep.

This makes buttons a powerful way to strengthen your brand. Any company would benefit by using buttons in their marketing strategy.

Don’t wait to start designing your first one today. Buttons are a versatile tool to add to your advertising toolbox.

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