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7 Creative Ways to Boost Brand Exposure and Awareness with Promotional Materials

Are you beginning to wonder if the people in your community even know your business exists?

If you’re a business owner, this is one of the worst feelings you can possibly have. Studies have shown that about 80 percent of small businesses ultimately end up failing, so if people aren’t aware of your business at the moment, it could have you thinking the worst.

Rather than stressing out too much about it, why not build up your brand exposure by using promotional products to your advantage? You can make everyone in your community aware of your presence by creating promo products that will capture attention for your company.

Take a look at 7 creative ways to boost brand exposure and awareness with promotional materials below.

1. Pick Promo Products For Your Industry

The go-to promotional products for most businesses are pens and T-shirts. These are easily two of the highest-selling promo products on the market today.

If you feel as though your customers will respond well to those products, feel free to order them. But you might be a lot better off going with products that are specific to your industry.

For example, let’s say that you’re looking to drum up business for your family pharmacy. Instead of giving out pens or T-shirts, branded hand sanitizer bottles or promotional pill holders might be a better idea.

These types of promotional materials will be more memorable than the usual go-to items. They’ll set your business apart from the rest and build up your brand exposure.

2. Find Products People Will Actually Use

Your goal when you create promotional materials for your business should be to come up with products that people will actually want to use when they take them home.

The good news is that it won’t necessarily be too difficult to convince people to use good products. Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of people use at least one promo product every week.

But in order to encourage people to use your products, the product themselves have to be functional and things that people already use around the house.

The aforementioned hand sanitizer and pill holder are two things that most people will gladly use when they get them home. They’ll be happy that they don’t have to spend money on these items themselves and will begin using them right away.

3. Give People Products They Can Wear

The best promotional products are the ones that will turn your customers into walking billboards for your business. When you give people something they can wear and they actually wear it, it’ll open your business up to a whole new audience.

There are so many promo products that you can create for people to wear. They include the T-shirts that we already mentioned along with:

  • Hats
  • Hoodies
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip-flops
  • Golf shirts
  • And so much more!

You can even find patches here that people can put on clothing, bookbags, and more to help them show off their support for your business.

4. Hold Giveaways For Products

There are some promo products that you can create that will be too costly to give away to everyone. For example, you can put together a customized golf bag with your business name and logo right on it.

For products like this, it’s a good idea to hold a giveaway for it that will build up some buzz around your business. Set the products up in your store along with an explanation as to how they can go about trying to win them.

Some businesses tell their customers to follow them on social for a shot at a cool promo product. Others ask them to enter a raffle for their chance to win the product.

Whatever approach you decide to take, giving away special promo products will get people interested in your business. They’ll check back on your giveaways to see if they won and spend time looking at your products and services in the process.

5. Show Off Products on Social Media

One of the things businesses need to do these days to get brand exposure is to establish social media accounts. You should have accounts on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat.

After you have your accounts set up, you can use them to promote sales and special events that you’re having. You can also use them to answer questions from your customers and form connections with them.

You can even use them to show off the promo products that you’ve had made up for your company. Consider giving some of them away through social media from time to time to keep people following along with your social media feeds.

6. Take Products Along to Trade Shows

Does your business attend a lot of trade shows throughout the course of the year? You’re missing a huge opportunity if you’re not taking promo products along with you.

Pack up a bunch of promotional phone chargers, pop sockets, and other products before your next trade show. Give them out to those in attendance to help get you more brand exposure at the event.

7. Refresh Promo Products Periodically

After you make an initial investment in promo products for your company, get into the habit of refreshing and updating your products every so often. This will keep people coming back to your business to see what’s new.

It’ll also make your promo products limited edition items, which will make people want them even more. You’ll start to have people asking you about them and trying to figure out what kind of products you’re going to come out with next.

Build Up Your Brand Exposure Over Time

Getting brand exposure for your business is one of the many challenges you’ll face as a small business owner.

But that doesn’t mean you have to let it stress you out. By making promotional products a part of your business plan, you can get the exposure you want without putting in a ton of effort on your part.

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