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6 Account Based Marketing Tactics Your Small Business Should Try

The American business landscape has exploded over the last half-decade. Today, there are over 30 million small businesses and millions more medium to large-sized organizations.

Considering all of that clutter, it can be extremely hard for a B2B focused company to stand out and attract new clients.

Enter account based marketing.

Account based marketing takes the conventional “cast a wide net” marketing mantra and turns it on its head. Account based marketing tactics dictate that you should focus on a single account that you’re trying to land and personalize your marketing efforts to landing that client.

While this kind of marketing means putting more eggs in a single basket, it also has a much higher conversion rate given the personalized attention it gives to prospects.

If you’re looking for ideas for your upcoming account based marketing campaigns, consider our suggestions below.

1. Consultation Mailers

One of our favorite local account based marketing tactics is to drop free business consultations in potential client’s mailboxes.

For example, if you were a firm that writes marketing copy, you might look at a businesses sales pages, critique its effectiveness, suggest edits, and provide all of that information on a single sheet of paper. Then, at the bottom of your free consultation, you’d invite the company you’re targeting to join you on a call to discuss further improvements.

We’ve seen high conversions leveraging this strategy and the best news is that for many niches, using this tactic isn’t too time-consuming.

2. Pain-Point Focused Training

Another way to offer solutions to problems your prospective client is facing is to provide free training.

You can initiate this marketing tactic by emailing the prospect’s point person. In your email, introduce yourself and describe the problem that you suspect they’re having. Then, let them know that you’ll be conducting free training on how to circumvent this problem.

At the end of your training, you can get them to opt in to premium services or can invite them to engage with you in some other way that moves them down your sales funnel.

3. Genuinely Engage with Prospects via Social Media

People who are asking, “What is account based marketing?” often realize that they’ve been participating in it for a long time via social media. If you’re following business prospects and engage with them in a personalized way across various platforms, that’s ABM!

As a matter of fact, account based marketing tactics experts leverage social media as the starting point for their marketing funnels all the time.

Social media is a great place to learn potential client pain points and to build rapport with them. We recommend getting active across numerous social platforms so you can get in on this easy marketing tactic!

4. Create Email Campaigns That Make It Seem Like You’ve Been Hired

Email campaigns are among the most effective ways to turn interested parties into paying customers. Wide-net email campaigns that are overly general though don’t boast the conversion rates of account based marketing campaigns.

To boost your success, as soon as you get a prospect to opt into your general email list, move them to their own campaign folder. Then, send them emails that feel so personal and on point that your prospect will think they’ve already hired you.

We’ve seen prospective clients get blown away when they receive emails speaking to their specific sales numbers, social media presence, and other personal successes/failures.

If you want to blow your prospects away to turn them into clients, we suggest that you do the same!

5. Create Personalized Ad Campaigns

Another great account based marketing tactic favorite is to create ad campaigns that are targeted at a single prospect.

For example, if you’re in the business of selling knives, talking about cutting fish might appeal to some prospects but may not resonate with a business that cuts poultry.

If you’re trying to reel in a poultry kitchen client however and run an ad campaign talking all about poultry cutting problems and how your knives solve them, you’ll raise your chances of enticing that poultry client substantially!

6. Invite Prospects to Speaking Events Targeted at Them

In-person marketing is more powerful than digital marketing when it comes to conversions. There’s just a certain human nature to in-person campaigns that allow you to build a rapport that you can’t emulate over the internet.

To cash in on that advantage, consider reaching out to local prospects and inviting them to an in-person seminar. That seminar should be on a topic that you know speaks directly to their needs.

When they arrive, blow them away with how on-point your seminar’s content and examples are.

If you do that, you’ll find that your prospect will leave feeling highly motivated to take their relationship with you further.

7. Send Gifts That Will Get People Talking

Sending notebooks and branded pens to prospects isn’t going to move the needle for you. Sending them a calendar that features favorable reviews they’ve received on Yelp, on the other hand, will get them talking!

If you’re going to invest in sending gifts, put extra thought and effort into them. If you do, you’ll attract a lot more attention.

Wrapping Up Account Based Marketing Tactics Your Small Business Should Try

Are you a small business owner that wants to give account based marketing tactics a try? If you are, we recommend leveraging our suggestions above.

Doing so should net you more success when it comes to your ability to fuel your client pipeline!

For more tips on all things marketing and more, check out more of our content on Small Business Brief today!