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5 Tips for Producing Great Videos for Marketing

Did you know, you should be spending just under 10% of your gross revenue on marketing, according to the Small Business Administration?

This may seem like a hefty figure, but good marketing will bring more customers and ensure they are loyal to your brand too. 

That is if you do it right! Bad marketing can put people off for good. In this article, we’ll look at how you can be producing videos for marketing that are up to scratch!

1. Learn Your Target Audience Inside Out

Perhaps you already know your audience well, but there is always more to know!

Before you begin making videos, figure out which platform your audience will be watching on, how long they like their videos to be, and what time you should be posting them. 

Furthermore, figure out how you should be delivering your content. Are you offering an informative guide, a chatty vlog, or a short ad?

2. Start off Strong

The most important thing you can do is entice your viewers with an impressive first few seconds.

Don’t waste time with a title screen of five seconds. Launch straight into the video with interesting content that will have viewers hooked.

This means getting to the point straight away, promising to offer something enticing at the end of the video, or presenting the problem your client faces in a new light.

3. Good Editing and Graphics Are Everything 

Nowadays, there is so much content available to watch that people simply don’t need to bother with low-res videos. 

Make sure your video quality is high and that post-production is up to scratch. This may mean that you invest in new camera equipment, someone to use the camera, and someone to edit afterward. Not sure who to hire? Check out

If you are including any graphics, especially across social media, then ensure they are also of a high-quality. 

4. Set Achievable Goals

When you’re first starting out, it’s easy to feel down about the fact that not many people are watching. 

This is why it’s important to set goals to ensure that you’re on track. You can’t expect a viral video, but can you expect to increase views by 20% every month?

Goals will help keep you focused and will also help show you when you’re not doing so well and need to change tack. 

5. Incorporate Storytelling Into Your Videos

Everyone loves a good story with an interesting arc. There are many stories that you can tell about your brand. 

Perhaps your CEO saw a gap in the market and built a business from scratch? Is your entire team remote? Make sure your story is relatable and gripping! 

Producing Videos Isn’t Easy but It’s Worth It

Unfortunately, there is a lot of leg-work involved in producing videos of brilliant quality for marketing. 

But, if you get it right then you will notice many benefits such as boosting your sales and getting in front of many more people. 

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