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5 Graphic Design Tips That Anyone Can Follow

Are you starting out on your first foray into the world of graphic design? Putting together a design or logo may seem easy on the surface, but to get an air of professionalism can be tough. Luckily, with just a little insider knowledge, you can get your design up to a professional standard.

All you need are five killer tips to be successful with your design. Read on to find out our 5 must-know graphic design tips. 

1. Don’t Go Font Crazy

Yes, there are thousands of amazing fonts out there. Some of them look very unique; some of them are not that different. As exciting as they can be, you really don’t need them all. 

Try to limit yourself to 1 or 2 fonts. Keep one for the header, and one for the body of the text. 

You can choose between serif and sans serif fonts. Serif fonts have a small flick on the end of letters and numbers, where sans do not. Both have advantages, with sans serif being a little easier to read, and you should try to pick one of each.

2. Embrace the Space

You do not need to fill every part of your design. In fact, less is more in design, and stripping back to basics can actually make the focal point stand out a lot more. Black and white space really do work.

In addition, any fonts placed on top of them will be much easier to read. This makes it more applicable when getting a message across using lots of text.

3. Color Is King

The colors you choose will have a massive impact on your finished design. The first objective is to find colors that look amazing. You need beautiful colors that work well together, and if you are doing a design for marketing purposes, you need something that will reflect the company brand. 

There has been tons of research done on the psychology of color. Certain colors evoke certain feelings in people, from excitement and energy to trust and empathy. It is important that these colors always align with the message you are trying to get across, particularly when working on company branding. 

You can find lots of great color palettes online, already made. All you need to do is find the correct hex code for the colors and start to design yours.

4. Graphic Design Tips and Contrast 

Contrast is one of the greatest tools in a designer’s arsenal. It can be used to really make elements of your design stand out from the rest. It can also be utilized in a number of ways.

The contrast could come from the color palette you have chosen. It could come from the fonts you are using, having ornate, busy fonts with sleek, simple ones. You could contrast using the layout, having one area almost bare and filled with space, while the other is bustling and busy. 

5. Line It Up

Lines are another great tool. They can break up a page, segment information, and be used to draw the eye to certain areas. By placing them around text, you can reinforce the message and anchor it to the page.

Be Willing to Adjust

Sometimes, that idea you had in your head just does not look right on paper. Revisit it and add some of our graphic design tips, or start over with your new-found knowledge. You are sure to create something you and your clients love. 

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