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Raise School Spirit: 5 Tips for the Best Uniform Design

Are you ready to improve your school’s school spirit with a brand new Uniform Design? School uniforms have come a long way from the uniforms of old, but they still have a long way to go. Any student wouldn’t mind rocking a fashionable uniform, but the problem is, most school uniforms lack unique uniform designs. That’s where you come in! 

Thanks to the many advancements in modern-day technology, custom uniform designs are available online with just a few clicks of your mouse. Keep reading to learn 5 tips you can use to design a uniform your students will love!

1. The Right Colors Are a Must! 

The first step in designing the perfect school uniform is starting with the right colors. Many educational institutions already have colors that are considered their official school colors, however, don’t be afraid to play around with additional colors and prints. 

Decide on if you want your school uniform to mostly include solid colors, stripes, or plaids. You can mix solids with plaids or stripes, but ensure that the colors complement each other and aren’t too alarming on the eyes. 

2. Choose Your Fit

The best school uniforms are those that provide additional options for the students who have to wear them. Some students may prefer a polished preppy look, while others may like a more clean, but casual appearance. 

Try to design your uniform in different fashionable cuts, so that the students can express their style, while still complying with your school’s uniform policy. 

For example, have your school shirt available in both a polo-collared designed shirt and a Jersey-style cut t-shirt. You can also give female students the option between wearing a plaid skirt, or plaid pants. 

3. Go All Out With Branding

Although many schools have the same official school colors, branding your school’s uniform with your institution’s name and emblem can help your students stand out from other schools. 

Online printing companies such as Big T Printing offer print services for all of your apparel printing needs. 

4. Encourage Add-on Wear

Having additional options such as socks, sweaters, and jackets in your school’s different designs and colors will also help to improve the school spirit of your students. Students will be able to mix and match different add-on wear and prevent themselves from getting bored with their school uniforms. 

5. Offer Personalization  

Every student is unique, but school uniforms can oftentimes make them feel like just another number in the classroom.

If feasible, give your students the option to personalize their school uniforms and add-on wear with the option to embroider their names on their uniforms. Or, maybe personalized printed words on their school backpack or jacket stating a positive quote or goal for the school year. 

Personalization is always fun and offers an extra dose of school spirit.

Show Off Your School Spirit!

If you are still in search of ideas to help boost school spirit around your institution, ask your students! Nothing may make a student more excited like being included in the design of their school’s uniforms and other projects. 

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