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5 Excellent Content Marketing Examples for Ecommerce Sites

Think e-commerce and content marketing don’t go hand in hand? Think again.

Content marketing is a hot inbound strategy that generates leads without selling. It’s informative, entertaining, and most of all – a reflection of your brand that doesn’t ask for anything.

To make content marketing work for your business, though, you need to offer posts that strike at the heart of what your customer wants.

What does that look like? Check out these content marketing examples from brands who are killing the game.

1. Beardbrand

Beardbrand is the perfect example of how e-commerce content marketing can elevate your business to the next level. Their brand focus is on beards, and their blog content answers questions that beard wearers care about.

For example, “How to Grow a Thick Beard” earns the site 16,000 visits each month.

Their blog brings in 69 percent of their total organic traffic.

What would you do with 16,000 organic visitors a month?

2. Zingerman’s Deli

Foodie destination Zingerman’s took its Ann Arbour must-visit location national with an e-commerce site. How did it get it done? With a book.

The Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating introduces wannabe foodies into the fold. In other words, it trains up a whole new customer base without asking them for anything.

You don’t need to publish a print book to do what Zingerman’s has done in the food space. A well-written e-book can do the trick on your behalf.

Don’t have time to write a book? Agencies like Stryde Ecommerce can help you come up with tailored to your customers in half the time.

3. Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is a high-end menswear site, and it does the impossible by not only showing men how to wear well-fitted clothes but inspires them to buy them. And it does it all without selling them a thing.

The Mr. Porter weekly journal profiles interesting men, writes style guides, and answers practical questions. Of course, they drop links everywhere, but it makes shopping easier rather than pushing a product down buyer’s throats.

4. Jetsetter

Jetsetter is a travel site and hotel search engine that profiles luxury and boutique properties. Users get personal reviews of the hotel and occasionally get perks by booking via Jetsetter.

It also publishes a digital magazine designed to inspire wanderlust.

Because Jetsetter is selling other business’s products, it can use insider knowledge that ranges from travel destinations to packing lists to industry news (relevant to travelers).

The magazine not only draws visitors to the site, but it also keeps them on the site longer and encourages return visitors. Remember: when a visitor spends more time on your website, they are more likely to buy.

5. Patagonia

Patagonia is a marketing giant in part because its wholesome outdoor image makes excellent content easy. However, Patagonia not only writes epic blog posts, but it uses mix video content (including long-form content).

The big difference between Patagonia and typical e-commerce marketing examples is that it skips the hard sell almost entirely and instead focuses on the inspiration side of sales. Like the other examples, it trains a generation of new customers.

Get More E-commerce Content Marketing Examples

These e-commerce content marketing examples should inspire you as much as they encourage their customers. What you should remember is that there’s no one way to do content marketing. The right way is one that inspires and challenges your target market.

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