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5 Brilliant Local Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

According to a recent marketing report, 72% of consumers who did local searches for a business ended up visiting a store within 5 miles. This means your business has to be on all physical and digital maps to get noticed.

If you’re an established business looking to expand its customer base, local marketing can help you reach new customers. If you’re a new business trying to attract your ideal audience, having a strong local presence can help you build trust.

Here are 5 brilliant local marketing ideas that’ll help you engage with potential customers and promote your business.

1. Targeted Local Social Media Ads

Social media is a powerful advertising tool, and when done right, it’s one of the most affordable local advertising ideas. You can either run paid ads and target specific customers in your area or build a social media strategy and let people come to you.

Ideally, you want to do both and form a strong relationship with potential customers. This way, you’ll build trust in their eyes and be the first choice when they decide to buy.

2. Partnerships With Other Local Businesses

Is there a business in your area that you can partner with to help each other? This should be a business that complements yours and that doesn’t sell what you sell.

For example, if you sell shoes or clothes, partner up with a local dry cleaner business. You can offer coupons for them and have them do the same for you or mention them in your next email newsletter.

3. Handing out Flyers

If you want to engage with potential customers in person, leaflet distribution is one of the best marketing ideas for small businesses. You can also hand out brochures, business cards, or even samples of your product if applicable.

This way, you can talk to your customers, get feedback, and discover how you can help them better. Flyers are a low-cost marketing method that’ll give customers a chance to learn more about your business at the spot.

4. Local Media Coverage

Getting coverage in local radio stations and television channels can put your business on the map, especially if you’re new. Most of them also have websites, so you can send press releases or arrange interviews with local news reporters.

Otherwise, you can buy advertising spots and run a few commercials during peak timeslots. You might be able to get some free publicity if your product or service is truly unique and will make for a great story.

5. Marketing to Existing Customers

What better way to market your business locally than to your existing customers? Remind them of your products or services by sending them an email or a text with a coupon or an offer for their next purchase.

These are the customers you want to keep because they already know your business. Remarketing is one of the most inexpensive marketing ideas because it’s cheaper to market to existing customers than to acquire new ones. 

Attract New Customers With These Local Marketing Ideas

Whether you’re a new or existing business trying to expand locally, these marketing methods can bring you lots of new customers and sales.

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