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5 Amazing Benefits of a Managed SEO Service You Might Not Have Known

Good businesses know the value of SEO, but only the savvy ones take it a step further with managed SEO services. These 5 benefits could be game-changing.

There is only 1 page on Google that matters. The question you need to ask is how do I get on it? The best answer is SEO. OK, that sounds easy enough.

Think again, there are about 2 billion websites on the internet right now. If you count the number of website pages, then the numbers get staggering. Of these sites, less than 200 million are active.

That tells you 2 things.

  1. The internet’s thirst for content is unstoppable
  2. Most websites stop making content and become inactive, that means invisible

We are going to share 5 amazing things about a managed SEO service you may not have thought of. This will convince you to take action so your website does not end up in the internet graveyard but will end up on page one of search results.

1. Google Page 1 Is a Moving Target

Two billion websites is an incredible amount of content. Google has designed an algorithm that is like a librarian searching for a book the reader wants. That algorithm is complex and constantly changing.

If you do not keep up to date with the changes your website can start to fall back down the search rankings.

Question. Do you have the time and motivation to stay up to date? A managed SEO service will. Check out an example below of an expert SEO service.

2. Nothing Is New

You have heard that content is King. The internet is awash with content. There is barely a subject you can write about that someone else hasn’t written before you. So what is the secret?

It is an often forgotten fact about writing. People only read something when they are engaged, interested, even captivated. The key is not just more content. It is writing in such a way as to draw people in and keep them on your website.

That is a unique skill! Question. Are you a highly skilled writer that can craft consistently engaging content? A managed SEO service will.

3. Crowdsource Creativity

Even if you are a skilled writer, everyone gets writer’s block. One of the keys to successfully climbing the search ranking is producing engaging content ‘consistently.’

Question. If you have writer’s block, what do you do? Use a managed SEO service which is able to tap into the combined creativity of hundreds of other writers. They offer a unique perspective. That has value.

4. Join the Club

What club? As soon you join a managed SEO service you are ‘collaborating’ with hundreds of other businesses that are also using the same service.

This allows the company you have chosen to build links between their clients for legitimate reasons. This is excellent news for your search ranking because these links are high quality. What you really need is an effective link building strategy.

Question. If you are managing your own SEO, who are you going to link to and why?

5. ROI

Return on investment is guaranteed if you choose the right SEO managed service. You might think, if I do it myself I will save money. The truth is you will lose money because the old adage is true, time is money.

Question. Where should you invest your time, in operating the business or in the complex world of marketing?

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