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4 Cell Phone Insurance Plans That Are Cheaper Than Your Carrier’s

It happens instantly. You’re just walking down the street when a passerby bumps your arm and your smartphone tumbles from your hand, shattering on the cold hard concrete. 

Even though you brace for the crash, you still cringe as you retrieve your phone and take inventory of the cracks and scratches now covering its surface.

You start to think to yourself, did I get insurance on this thing? But you remember being in the store and hearing the price of the insurance plan and hearing about how little it actually covered. 

If only you had known there were cell phone insurance plans that cost less and covered more. Check out our review of the best plans on the market and get protection for your devices today.

Apple Care

Apple Care is a program just for iPhone owners. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover loss or theft. But it’s only $99 for the year and will give you up to two replacement devices if you break yours. 

Apple Care is also great because they will replace your battery if it functions with less than 50% of its original specification. And with Apple Care, you can visit the Genius Bar at any Apple Store and get service on your device the very same day.

Geek Squad

Protection for your devices is not a place you should cut expenses as a business. The Geek Squad plan is a bit pricey, but it also covers things other plans do not like theft and loss. 

Just make sure you register your device within thirty days of purchase. You will be allowed two replacements if you break your device.

Consumer Priority Service’s Extended Warranty

Consumer Priority Service offers coverage on all major devices and appliances and has a great reputation for taking care of their customers. Check out the details of this plan to get an idea of the coverage you can expect as a customer.

The plan covers everything from parts and labor to charging problems like defective batteries and USB parts. It has a $75 deductible and you can file as many claims as you need to while your plan is active. 

SquareTrade Cell Phone Insurance Plans

SquareTrade is a lower priced plan option with a deductible of around a hundred dollars, making it an affordable option for insurance. It doesn’t cover loss or theft, but it will cover you if you drop your device in water.

SquareTrade plans can be purchased online or through Costco for a reduced price. You can get insurance from SquareTrade on your device up to thirty days after you purchase it.

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Cell phone insurance plans may cost a lot coming from your carrier. But as you have seen in this post, there are a lot of affordable options out there that can provide protection for your device.

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