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9 Elements of a Great HVAC Website Design

Getting lots of online sales leads is only possible with a great HVAC website design. With these tips, you can find out what essential elements your HVAC website needs.

Do you own an HVAC company that has its own website? Are you looking for a way to generate more business and convert more of your leads into customers? Are you wondering what the best way to do that is?

If so, you may want to reexamine your HVAC website to ensure that your current HVAC web design is working in your favor.

To give you a better idea, here are 9 elements of a great HVAC web design.

Found that you’re missing a few key elements? That’s OK. Just stay on top of them moving forward, and you’ll be generating more business and converting more leads in no time at all.

1. Give It a Mobile Responsive Design

With approximately 77% of Americans owning a smartphone, it’s crucial that your website is easy to access and use on a mobile device.

If you don’t want to miss out on this huge potential for leads, you’ll want to make sure that your website features a design that is responsive on all mobile devices.

2. Provide Visitors with Helpful Informational Content

To have a truly successful HVAC website (or any website, for that matter) it’s important to provide your visitors with information that they find both helpful and useful.

You can add value to your website by providing a variety of different content. For example, you may include the following: FAQs, testimonials from your customers, and informational blog posts.

Each of these forms of content will go a long way in demonstrating the value that your business can provide to customers. And when a customer knows they’re going to benefit, they’ll be much more likely to want to work with your business.

3. Make Sure Your Contact Information Is Clearly Visible

One of the biggest mistakes any website owner can make is neglecting to include contact information or displaying it in an area that is difficult to navigate to or find.

Just think about it: What good is your website going to do for visitors or customers if they can’t figure out how to reach you?

They’re likely to become frustrated by and annoyed with your business before you’ve even given them an opportunity to formulate a real impression of it.

4. Use Your Testimonials to Build Authority

If your goal is to establish your HVAC company as one of the best, you’re going to need to figure out how to build authority with the public. What’s one easy way you can do that?

Show off all of the positive testimonials you receive!

Testimonials are a great way to help you build authority because they prove to visitors and new leads that you’re providing a quality service and can be trusted. In addition, testimonials also emphasize the benefits customers can receive when they choose to work with you.

5. Build Trust with Videos

Another great way to demonstrate to customers that they can trust your company is by using videos.

After all, your company’s technicians are going to be coming to their houses – and in this day and age – it can be difficult to discern who can be trusted.

By allowing customers to see your company’s staff, it may give them even more reason to trust you.

6. Add a Contact Form on Each Subpage

If visitors to your website are searching for a specific keyword and being lead to a subpage on your website instead of the homepage, you may miss out on an opportunity to turn those visits into leads if your contact information is only on your home or “Contact Us” pages.

Make it easy for them and add a contact form on all of your website’s subpages. This way, there’s no chance that visitors will have trouble figuring out how to contact your company to request more information, a quote, or an appointment.

7. Build a Custom HVAC Website, Not One from a Template

If you use a simple template to build your website, there’s a huge chance you could be sharing the same design with one, two, or three of your competitors. How, then, do you expect your company to stand out – if your website isn’t even unique?

Hint: it won’t.

Instead of relying on an easy-to-use template, use a custom design.

With a custom design, you can tell your story in a unique fashion that no other HVAC company will easily be able to replicate.

And if you’re having trouble finding someone to help you design (or redesign) your website, companies like LinkNow websites can make it easy – even for people with no prior experience in design.

And if you ask us, taking advantage of resources like the above isn’t cheating. Using a template, however, is!

8. Promote Special Offers

Everyone loves to save money.

To entice more visitors to contact you, promote special offers on your homepage.


No matter how great your website is, without a successful SEO strategy behind it, it won’t generate more business or convert more of your leads into customers.

If you don’t take SEO seriously, customers aren’t going to be able to find your website. It’s really as simple as that.

Do you think anyone goes through 30 pages of Google results? They don’t. To be as visible as possible, you need to rank high on search engine results pages.

Wondering where to start? Check out the basics you need to know and start there.

Trust us, when it comes to SEO, any effort is better than none.

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And if you’re looking for more great tips, we’ve got you covered!

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