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5 Reasons to Get Thermal Insulation for Your Steam Heating System

Did you know that the majority of homes in the United States of America use a furnace or a boiler to provide heat during the cooler months of the year? One of the most effective and energy-efficient options on the market today is the steam heating system for heating your home.

Steam heating is effective but there are things that you can do in order to make your steam pipes safer as well as more efficient when heating the rooms of your house. Investing in insulation for your steam systems is a great move because it will produce greater heat and provide other benefits.

If you’ve never considered insulating your system for steam heating then you’ve come to the perfect spot to learn about why you should invest in insulation. Keep reading this article to learn more.

1. Protection

Steam heating systems produce a lot of heat through the pipes and touching these pipes could cause severe burns to the skin. Insulating these pipes provides a much greater deal of protection to people that are in close proximity to these pipes. If the temperature of the pipes reaches heights of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher then you should insulate your pipes.

2. Better Quality of Steam

Insulating your steam system and steam pipes is also a great way to get better steam. You’ll have much greater control over the temperature of your home using your steam heating system when your pipes have solid insulation. You’ll also save money on energy bills since it will take less work to produce quality steam for heating your home. Check out for more.

3. Avoids Premature Failure

A big thing that happens to a steam pipe over time is the build-up of carbonic acid and the corrosion that this acid causes. Getting insulation will prevent this premature failure from corrosion by keeping the temperature of the steam higher.

4. More Control

You’ll also have a much greater level of control when it comes to the temperature in your home when you invest in insulation for your steam pipes. Non-insulated pipes will release energy and heat into the air around them which takes away from the control you have over the interior temperatures in your home.

Getting insulation will mean that your system produces 75-degree temperatures when you set your thermostat at 75 degrees. Your steam heating system will need to use less energy in order to keep a steady and comfortable temperature.

5. Energy Conservation

Everyone is looking for ways to lower their energy consumption and their energy bills. You won’t find many options that are more cost-effective than getting insulation for your steam heating system. You’ll lose less heat through your pipes and require less water in order to heat your home.

Insulate Your Steam Heating System Today

Getting insulation for your steam pipes and steam heating system makes sense on so many different levels. You’ll have much more control over the level of heat your home has during winter and you’ll conserve more energy. You’ll also make your home a safer place by protecting your household from burns on hot pipes.

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