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The Hidden Secrets of Branding and Selling Men’s Beauty Products

You might not know it, but the surprising truth is that men spend just as much money as women do on their skincare routine. 

Though they might not be buying expensive under eye creams or serums, they are willing to shell out when it comes to soap/body wash, razors, aftershave, and moisturizers. 

If you’ve thought about selling men’s beauty products, then you need to make sure that your marketing and branding strategies are strong enough to differentiate you from the competition. 

Your brand and selling tactics must also engage with your target market, prove your knowledge and experience within the skincare industry, and create feelings of exclusivity and luxury. 

How can you make that happen? Read on to find out. 

Creating a Branding Strategy for Your Skincare Company

Especially if you’re just starting your men’s skincare company, your first step should be to develop your brand as a whole. 

The good news? 

Creating a branding strategy is usually much more affordable than you might initially think. Read on to learn how to develop your brand, and know the right questions to ask. 

What Problems Are You Solving?

The first thing you need to ask yourself when starting your skincare company is, “What problems does my company solve?”

This will show that you understand the pain points of your market. 

Maybe your target market works long hours and needs a discreet concealer to cover under eye circles? Maybe they suffer from redness or dry skin, and your products can correct that. 

Whatever it is, show your market you understand and empathize with their needs.

What’s Your Niche? 

When you’re first growing your company, don’t fall into the trap of marketing to a vague, enormous audience. Instead, focus first on a niche market, a smaller segment of your total target market.

For example, maybe your skincare products are geared towards men over 50. Maybe they’re geared towards men who like to wear makeup.

Maybe they’re created to help teens manage acne. 

Start small, and grow from there. 

What Sets Your Brand Apart?

Finally, think about what makes your brand different from the countless other beauty companies out there. 

Are you committed to using all-natural ingredients? Is there one active ingredient that you’d like to be especially known for?

Do you offer a subscription-based service that automatically sends out refills, making things easier on your customers? 

Know what sets you apart from the competition, and ensure that’s a major focus of your branding and marketing plans.

Effective Marketing Tactics for Men’s Beauty Products

Now that you’ve mastered how to brand your men beauty products, let’s talk more about your marketing strategy. Discretion, value, and proven results — and ads with an eye towards social media — are all things to keep in mind here. 

Include Online Reviews

Especially if you want to get into selling skin care products to men, your target market might need a bit of convincing. 

One of the best ways to encourage men of all ages and skin types to give your products a try? 

Include lots of online reviews on your website that your target market can read. After all, men aren’t as likely as women to share skin care tips.

Some men may feel embarrassed about asking for advice at a beauty counter or from friends. Thus, they’re much more likely to take what people say about your men’s beauty products online seriously. 

This great company has included reviews on their website that have been written by real consumers. Reviews are a wonderful way to promote transparency and create a sense of trust. 

However, don’t just work with your past customers when it comes to online reviews. You should also engage the services of beauty influencers (regardless of their gender) to promote your products. 

What happens when your market (or your market’s female friends and partners) see that people in the know have given your products a seal of approval?

They’ll be much more likely to make a purchase.

Make Video Tutorials

Let’s face it: many men might not exactly be experts when it comes to how to use skincare products. 

As a skincare company, it’s up to you to show them the best ways to apply your products — and directions on the back of a jar probably aren’t going to cut it. 

Plus, about 90% of consumers report that watching a video has helped them to decide whether or not to purchase a product. 

Translation? If you want to increase your sales, and boost your brand recognition in the process, it’s time to focus on video marketing. 

Make sure that your videos talk about the ingredients in your products, and what each of the main ingredients helps to do. You should also cover how and when to wear the products, as well as the order in which they should be applied. 

You can include longer videos that you can upload to your website or YouTube channel. However, we also suggest that you make room for shorter videos that you can share on social media. 

Selling and Branding Men’s Beauty Products

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand some of the most effective ways to market and brand your men’s beauty products. Of course, within the beauty industry especially, a strong marketing campaign isn’t always enough to win the trust of your consumers. 

You’ll need to be transparent about the ingredients in your products, and in some cases, you may even need to get FDA approval. You need to be certain you have the proper forms, especially when it comes to protecting trade secrets and creating non-disclosure agreements. 

After all, you don’t want someone to sell your beauty secrets to a competitor. 

Download the forms you need to protect your business on our site, and keep checking back with our blog for more tips on how to grow your company.