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8 Beginner Cocktail Making Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Cocktails are the perfect ingredient for a fun night with friends or an unforgettable dinner party. Over 63 percent of adults in the United States enjoy drinking alcohol, so learning the basic cocktail ingredients is essential to be the best host at your next gathering. The best drinks will allow your friends and family to unwind and enjoy a relaxing and festive night.

That said, you must avoid making beginner cocktail making mistakes to allow your night to go off without a hitch. The wrong ingredients, methods, and cocktail glasses could send your next dinner party off the rails.

Luckily, you’ve discovered this helpful guide for stirring and shaking your guests’ best cocktails. Continue reading for eight mistakes you must avoid when making cocktails at your next event!

1. Eyeballing Cocktail Ingredients

Attempting to eyeball the cocktail ingredients is a recipe for disaster. Proper measurements are necessary to help your cocktails become everything they should be. A shot glass is essential to measure liquids before stirring and shaking cocktails.

Going overboard with one ingredient can throw the entire cocktail off. The taste and drinking experience will differ if you get the measurements right. You won’t make the delicious drink you set out to mix for your guests if you attempt to cut corners with measurements.

2. Using the Wrong Ice Cubes for Cocktails

The wrong ice cubes will also throw your cocktail off and result in a disappointed guest. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ice can’t be bad. Think about your preference between tap water and spring water when feeling parched, and consider the water you’re using to create ice cubes.

The water you’re using will determine the quality of your ice cubes for cocktails. It’s another area where you can’t cut corners to get the best flavor and drinking experience.

Bottled water is the best choice if you want ice that won’t affect the drink’s taste. You can boil tap water before freezing it to get a neutral flavor for the best cocktails. Learning how to make bay breeze will put you on the fast track toward becoming a fantastic party host and bartender.

3. Consider the Presentation

The taste is vital to making an excellent cocktail, but the task is only complete once you’ve added to the drink’s presentation. The taste is part of the equation, but the presentation makes each drink memorable. The best glasses for cocktails and clever garnishments will help you present the tastiest drinks.

Putting pieces of ice cubes into the glasses won’t cut it if you’re putting together a professional-looking drink. It won’t result in the drink you set out to create. Don’t make the beginner cocktail making mistakes by cutting corners on the presentation.

4. Buying Cheap Syrup

The basic cocktail ingredients make a massive difference in the quality of each cocktail. Rising inflation and more expensive groceries make cutting corners tempting to save money, but your drinks will turn out differently than your guests want. Cheap syrup and discount liquor are the go-to areas to cut corners.

Simple syrup is often watered down, resulting in a weaker flavor. You can make your syrups if you’re trying to save money and create the best drinks for your guests. Mix equal parts water and sugar and bring it to a boil to make a tasty syrup that will add to the flavor of your drinks.

5. Using Lukewarm Soda

Many of the best cocktails require soda for the perfect taste, but you must use chilled or cold sodas rather than room temperature options. Cocktails should be refreshing, and your cocktails won’t offer that crispness if you’re using lukewarm soda to mix the ingredients.

The room-temperature soda will have a significant impact on your cocktail’s flavor. Most ice will melt before the drink reaches an appropriate temperature for consumption. Melting ice will dilute the drink and limit guests’ enjoyment when drinking their favorite mixed drinks.

6. Shaking the Wrong Drinks

Not knowing when to start stirring or shaking cocktails is one of the most common beginner cocktail making mistakes to avoid. Any cocktail that uses spirits like gin, whiskey, vodka, or rum should never get shaken if you want to preserve the drink’s flavor. Shaking these spirit-based mixed drinks will take away from the mixture and taste.

A gentle stir is the best way to mix your guests’ drinks. Stirring will preserve the taste and texture of the cocktail for the best experience. Know when to shake and when to stir your cocktail making supplies.

7. Using the Wrong Glasses

The wrong glass or mug will ruin the entire cocktail if you’re not careful. If you lack the best glasses for cocktails, do your best with what you have. Still, most cocktails have specific glasses you should serve them in for the best flavor and drinking experience.

The glass adds to your cocktail’s presentation and allows the drink to breathe as needed. The wrong glass will cause ice to melt too quickly, resulting in a diluted drink. If you want to serve the best cocktails to your guests, ensure you have the best cocktail glasses ready.

8. Using Too Many Bitters

Bitters are a crucial ingredient for many cocktails, but they’re potent, and going overboard with them will ruin the drink. Using too many will dominate the cocktail’s flavor and result in an unpleasant drink that your guests don’t enjoy. Use a few drops or dashes of bitters and leave the concoction at that.

Avoid the Beginner Cocktail Making Mistakes

Making the beginner cocktail making mistakes is a sure way to disappoint your guests and turn your next dinner party into a disaster, so using the basic cocktail ingredients and best cocktail glasses is essential. Avoid going overboard with bitters; never shake a spirit-based drink to preserve the flavor. The wrong ice cubes will also impact your mixed drinks and leave your guests wanting more.

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