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6 Reasons Small Businesses Need Unlimited Bandwidth

If you’re a small business owner, make sure your online presence makes an impact. Read on for six reasons small businesses need unlimited bandwidth.

If you’re a small business owner, you have to make sure your online presence makes an impact. With fierce competition and volatile markets, you need to stay on top of your game. That’s why you need unlimited bandwidth as it gets to help your business grow.

Read on for six reasons small businesses need unlimited bandwidth.

Bandwidth 101

But what’s bandwidth? Simply put, network bandwidth is the amount of data that goes in and out of your website in a given period of time. Bandwidth is usually measured daily or monthly, and sometimes annually. Many small businesses invest heavily on unlimited bandwidth, while others opt for less costly packages. As we’ll see below, unlimited bandwidth is crucial for businesses of all sizes and scopes.

Bandwidth is used when visitors come to your website, download files, browse your pages and send you emails. The larger your homepage is, the more bandwidth per user it will require to function properly.

For example, if your main page is 100KB large and each subpage 50KB large, every time a visitor comes to your site, they use 100KB just for loading the main page, and 50KB for each subpage they visit. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, your site will not function properly.

Visitors will be unable to access it, and in extreme cases, it may go down altogether.

So, there are many direct and indirect benefits to unlimited bandwidth. The most important ones are:

1) Cost

When you purchase hosting, you pay a monthly fee based on how much bandwidth you are expected to use up. With unlimited bandwidth, you enjoy the most cost-efficient plans.

Instead of purchasing a private server, or getting in a shared hosting program, you can get unlimited bandwidth at comparable costs.

Moreover, unlimited bandwidth packages cover a lot of peripheral costs you would have to pay if you were to set up your own server. You can find numerous attractive offers online. Check out Quality Host Online for scalable and cost-effective white label hosting and reseller packages.

2) Scalability

Buying a hosting plan and then having to upgrade every time your business grows can be expensive. Today, you might be using 5GB of monthly bandwidth, but if your business suddenly booms, you might need a lot more.

Having the proper infrastructure in place to facilitate growth is crucial in today’s digital world. With online businesses growing at unprecedented rates, unlimited bandwidth is virtually mandatory.

3) Traffic

Directly related to scalability, traffic is another major concern. If you run out of bandwidth to support an influx of traffic, you will lose visitors and potential customers.

By having a fixed limit on your bandwidth, you are essentially robbing yourself of overflow customers. Even more importantly, if you are selling products and services online, you are expected to be reachable 24/7. If visitors can’t access your site to place orders, cancel them or just browse your offerings, your business will suffer.

4) Reliable Uptime

Too much traffic can bring your website down, especially if you are running with bandwidth limits. More bandwidth simply means faster and more reliable access to every page of your website. If your site maintains a near-100% uptime, it will be listed higher on search engine result pages, and your visitors will treat it as a reliable online destination.

When shopping for hosting plans, perhaps the most important uptime factor is bandwidth. The more you have, the more stable your site will be, and you can’t go wrong with unlimited bandwidth here!

5) Quality and Performance

As we have seen above, limited bandwidth essentially means low performance. What is even worse is that if you roll with limited bandwidth, you will be forced to compromise the quality of your site.

How? It’s simple. Limited bandwidth means that you will have to make sure that your expected visitors all have access to your site.

For example, if you get 10,000 monthly visitors and your bandwidth is 10GB, you will have to make sure each visitor takes up no more than 1MB of data each. To do that, you might have to skimp on visuals and reduce your total page count, which will result in a weaker user experience for your visitors.

By compromising quality and performance, you are hurting your sales in the long term, which is another indirect cost factor in favor of unlimited bandwidth. With unlimited data per visitor, you are free to build and grow your site as you see fit, using rich media (sound, video, flash etc) and interactive design to engage your visitors.

6) Security and Crash Protection

Finally, unlimited bandwidth also makes your site more secure and crash-resistant. Today’s hackers attack sites and even whole servers by flooding them with fake traffic generated by botnets.

These attacks are known as DDoS, which stands for distributed denial of service. Under a DDoS attack, the first pages that go down are those in shared hosting plans and small private servers.

By investing in unlimited bandwidth you are effectively teaming up with the “big boys” and protect yourself from malicious attackers.

Staying Ahead of Competition

We’ve seen above how unlimited bandwidth can help any small business grow and thrive. We’ve also seen the dangers of running out of bandwidth, both from a business, but also from a security standpoint.

If you’re interested to know more about how to grow your business in today’s fiercely competitive digital world, check out Small Business Brief. Our blog aims to help you stay ahead of competition with accurate and easily digestible information. Check it out today!