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Is the Cost of Propane a Better Option For Business Owners?

No matter what type of business you run, switching to propane can benefit your business across the board. 

Propane is safe to transport, store and use, and it’s an all-around eco-friendly fuel source because of it’s clean and efficient burning. 

Not only was propane named a clean air alternative by the Clean Air Act of 1990, but the cost of propane can save your business money on a monthly basis. 

Keep reading to learn exactly how you can save by switching your fuel source to propane. 

Propane is Produced Locally

Did you know that the majority of the United States’ propane supply is produced domestically? The remaining supply is imported from our neighbors in Canada and Mexico.

Needless to say, having a domestic supply of propane makes the pricing much more stable and reasonable than foreign oil. Having a stable propane price point also allows you to create a budget plan that you can actually follow. 

Propane is Versatile

Not only can propane be used to heat your office building, but you can also use it for fireplaces, pool heaters, grills, and dryers. It can also provide power to a backup generator during severe weather conditions. Also, using propane to fuel your water heater is cheaper than up to 33 percent of other fuel sources. 

Propane is Reliable

When you use electricity to heat your business, you are putting your business at stake of the grid. Luckily, propane can be used in many remote areas where power tends to be impractical or dangerously expensive. 

It can also be used in place of electricity because if a storm blows through and knocks out a power line, you could be out of heat for days before a maintenance crew has the chance to come to fix it. But by switching to propane fuel, you become independent of the grid, and you never have to worry about harsh weather conditions again. 

Not to mention that you can put your propane on an auto-refill schedule and create energy payment plans so you will never run out of it- even in the harshest of storms. 

Propane is Hotter

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests using propane to heat your property (or business) as opposed to electricity because it’s relatively cheaper. So just by switching to propane to heat your company building, you will immediately start to save money on your utility bill.  

Propane also burns higher than natural gas. This means that you only need a portion of the amount of natural gas that you would use to get your building up to the same temperature. 

Propane Requires Low Maintenance 

Fortunately, the equipment that propane uses to burn properly stays relatively clean and requires very low maintenance. The equipment also retains its efficiency levels for a longer period of time.

And at the end of the day, low maintenance and high-efficiency levels save businesses money because the money and time you would’ve spent cleaning your fuel equipment can now be distributed elsewhere. 

Cost Of Propane Can Save Your Business Money

When you calculate reliability, versatility, maintenance levels and distribution sites together, the cost of propane is significantly cheaper than other fuel sources. And switching to propane will allow you to see savings every single month. 

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