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What to Look for When Hiring a Manager for Your Business

So, your business is growing. Congratulations! From the day-to-day operations to the bigger more time-consuming tasks, running your business is just too big of a job for one person these days. 

Of course, trusting someone with your pride and joy is a tough ask. Hiring a manager is a big learning curve, and although they will be taking a lot of work off your plate, the process can be stressful.

So how can you ensure that you bring on the right person for the job? Follow along to discover how to hire a manager and what key traits you should look for in your new small business manager. 

Communication Skills

First and foremost, you’ll want to hire a small business manager that has excellent communication skills. Because this person is your second in charge, they will be taking on a lot of responsibility and decision-making authority. 

Perhaps one of our most valuable business management tips is unconditional open communication between the manager and the owner. Not only will they need to communicate with you with ease, but they’ll also need to be a strong communicator to successfully delegate and run the day-to-day proceedings. 


Trusting someone with your business is much like trusting them with your baby. You’ve sunk a lot of money, work, and probably a few tears into your business and you deserve someone who will take that seriously. 

A small business manager needs to be trusted with sensitive information from banking details to employment backgrounds and must remain professional and confidential. Keep this in mind when hiring a manager to ensure you don’t end up with a mess to clean up upon departure.


You know that feeling when someone arrives in a bad mood and the whole room adopts that mood? This is especially true in business and crucial for your small business success. 

Right from the first interview, take note of your potential small business manager’s attitude. Are they optimistic, motivated, eager, and positive? These are all great signs of a manager who can keep your team motivated and excited rather than down and out. 

Problem Solver

If you’re looking to hire a manager, chances are you don’t want every little problem to be called in. The reason you’ve brought on help is to smooth out the little bumps and help your business on its way. 

Ensure your new hire is a problem solver and comfortable with making logical decisions while you are away. Of course, if something big comes up, you’ll want to be in on it, so don’t forget to communicate the parameters of decision-making authority right from the start.

Use a Recruiting Agency

Picking up on all of these subtle traits can be tricky, especially when you only have an interview or two before making a decision. 

If you are feeling nervous or unsure of how to hire employees, your best option for success is a Recruitment Agency. These agencies can narrow down qualified candidates according to your specific needs and help you find a diamond in the rough the first time around.

Hiring a Manager

Now that you know the key traits to look for when hiring a manager, you can set forth with confidence. From narrowing your candidates to trusting the right person with your business, these qualities are sure to land you a winner. 

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