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Corporate Cooperation: The 5 Biggest Benefits of Escape Room Team Building

Escape room team building exercises are on the rise across the US. A Japanese import that simulates situations of high danger and intrigue, these concepts offer great insight for companies looking to find their top talent and best working dynamics.

In the following article, we’ll be discussing the individual and team-oriented benefits of escape rooms. Let’s break out!

1. An Escape Room Encourages Cooperation Over Competition

Answering the question how do escape rooms work requires one to step outside themselves. They have to discover the other talents hiding in plain sight. That is, their fellow team members.

Escape room companies like Atlanta-based Breakout Games design their offerings based around this concept. They incorporate puzzles, clues, and activities that engage the body and mind. 

While some participants may have each skill set, most do not. Or rather, they have them to varying degrees. The escape room concept forces participants to rely on the strongest skills of their strongest members, working together every step of the way. 

2. Scores Team Member Effectiveness

To “solve the room,” so to speak, someone has to step up. Usually, several someones.

It’s a fun experience seeing how your team will react to the challenge. But as a business owner, it’s also an educational one.

It tells you who’s going to think outside the box and push themselves beyond their resting limits. It also shines a light on the ones who fold up under pressure like an accordion.

3. Pinpoints Obstacles and Stumbling Blocks

One of the major benefits of team building through the escape room concept is it can illustrate the skill sets holding you back.

Let’s say an entire group has a problem putting clues together to solve riddles or mysteries. That can tell a business owner that more training needs to be done on paying attention to detail.

How can that benefit you? Say you’ve got a large marketing project that requires a hard copy report, but you’ve got a large server filled with unlabeled marketing collateral (i.e., images, logos, etc.). 

Employees who’ve had training with attention to detail could go in and label those materials with appropriate descriptions. This could enhance efficiency for current and future reports moving forward.

4. Engages All Team Members

An escape room activity demands much from every team member. And they’re fun!

They can show a business owner what gets an employee engaged and interested. That information then can be translated into the real-world work environment so you have much less sitting around and much more interest in staying engaged at work. 

5. Strengthens Workplace Relationships Overall

An escape room company team building project makes everyone feel better about the people they work for and the people working alongside them. Those relationships can prove valuable when the going gets tough at work!

Escape Room Team Building Is a Simple Business Training Solution

You could send your employees off to an expensive training where the engagement factor is hit-or-miss. But it’s far better to consider an escape room team building exercise. These approach many of the same training issues in a fun and engaging way. 

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