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The Best Options to Consider for Temporary Office Space

Do you have a quickly growing team to accommodate or need an in-between during an office move or renovation? There’s plenty of solutions on this list of the best temporary office space options!

69 percent of entrepreneurs start their businesses at home. When they start to grow, they’ll need an office.

If you’ve started a business, you might be looking for a temporary office space that you and your employees can work from until you get on your feet. Perhaps the office that you’ve been working out of is temporarily unavailable. Either way, there are many options for you to consider to see what works best for you and your needs.

Temporary Office Space Options

If you’re looking for a temporary office space, that probably means your business is growing. That’s great news, but you’ll need to take some time to see what space is best for what you’re looking for.

Temporary Rental Spaces

Shared office spaces are becoming increasingly popular as freelancing and startups become more popular as well. These temporary rental spaces are like Airbnb for your business.

You can book a conference room, office, or shared space where other people will be quietly working away. There are shared office space businesses designed entirely for small businesses with nowhere to meet, or for freelancers to come work in an office environment.

If you need a photography studio or place to film, you can research shared spaces for specialty areas as well.

A Container Office

A container office is a highly effective temporary office space that you may never have considered.

The containers can be custom-made to take special requests for any modifications you might require. Yes, they can have air conditioning and yes, they are big enough to host several people working in them at once.

You’ll be amazed with how professional the inside of a container office can actually look. They can have multiple rooms, shelves, and decorations built in. You might never want to move to a traditional office after using this type of space.

Rent an Office

There are some office spaces that are up for grabs in the renting realm, where you can sign a lease for a term shorter than a year to use the space.

You’ll want to make sure that the lease is in your budget, projecting what would happen if things took a turn for the worse and you might have to break your lease.

The length of your rental is important to keep in mind as well – the minimum time to rent will vary from office to office, so it’s a good idea to keep in mind how long you will need the temporary space.

Home Office

With the rise of freelance writers, many people are turning to working from home. If you set up time tracking systems and have communication avenues with your workers, you can consider a completely work from home business model.

Keep on Growing

Now that you’ve got your temporary office space figured out, keep on growing! You can generate enough revenue for a full office in no time.

Keep looking at tips on how to grow your small business, and keep a list of your goals clearly in mind so when you keep hitting those milestones, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come.