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Movin’ on Up to the East Side: Business Moving Tips to Keep You Organized

Creating an office environment where employees will be happy is important for the success of any small business. You probably already know that your office culture is important, but your physical location impacts your employees in a significant way also. 

Moving your business to a better office could be the first step toward increased productivity, boosted employee morale, and reaching your business goals. Once you have found your perfect office location, it’s time to start relocating your business. 

Moving a business is exciting, but it can also present some challenges. Getting packed up and organized can be difficult for some. Even small businesses amass a lot of stuff. 

Below, we’re sharing our best office moving tips so that you can stay calm throughout the business moving process. Read on to learn more, and your business will be ready to move on in know time. 

1. Create a Timeline

Planning ahead is an important key to success for any project, but especially for a project like moving your business. You don’t want to be a week away from moving day and just starting to pack or organize.

Breaking up tasks over the course of a month or longer can help you get through relocating your business without stress. Start by packing all of the non-essentials, like archived files that you want to keep but won’t need to immediately reference. 

Write down your list and cross tasks off as you complete them. This will keep you accountable and help you track your progress in real time. 

2. Label Everything

One of the best office moving tips is to plan the layout of your new space before you pack up your old space. That way, as you are packing, you can label each box according to where it will get unpacked in your new office. 

Having all the boxes end up in the right place will reduce the amount of work you have to do once you have arrived in your new office. You’ll be able to jump right in. 

3. Put Together a Hiring Team

Moving a business can feel like a very personal undertaking. Your office is your home-away-from home, and you want to feel confident that your move is going to be easy and successful. 

That’s why you should assemble a hiring team. Start by getting your own employees involved in the move. Include them in the packing and organizing process. They will feel more invested in the move, and in the success of the new office. 

You should also hire professional movers that you can trust. A company like Corrigan Moving could be a good point of reference for how to identify reliable movers. It will make the process so much easier on yourself and your employees. 

Want More Tips for Successful Business Moving? 

Any type of move, whether residential moving or business moving, can be stressful. In order to make it as easy as possible, give yourself plenty of time to get organized and hire movers you can trust. 

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