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Level Up: Here’s What You Need to Add to Your Small Business Office Space

You know your small office set-up could use a big upgrade – but how exactly do you do that? Find out how simple it is by reading here!

Letting employees work remotely is an exciting opportunity for small business owners. It frees up cash that would otherwise go to renting office space.

Setting up a home office allows individuals to have a workspace that speaks to their personality. Unlike cubicles and stale offices with glass walls, you get to create a space that conforms to your best working style.

In a home, employees could have limited space if there isn’t a spare room to dedicate to an office. This doesn’t mean you can’t have an office space that can transform into the perfect office setting.

Continue reading for tips on what you need for an amazing small office set-up.

1. Determine Where The Office Will Be

Creating a home office can have its challenges with limited space. Knowing how to set up an office in small spaces requires a bit of creativity.

If you do not have a spare room you will need to locate an area that will provide the footage you need. You do not want to create an obstacle or distraction in your living space. Living rooms and kitchens are the last options.

Designating a corner in the bedroom or transforming a part of the dining room are good choices.

2. Decide on the best Furniture for a Small Office Set-Up

Having limited space doesn’t mean you won’t be able to set up a home office. All you need is a desk big enough to hold your computer, telephone, and space for a modem and wireless router. Plus a good comfy chair.

With today’s technology, a laptop computer can replace the need for bulky desktop computers for a lot of positions. Trendy desks are available in various styles and materials.

When choosing a desk chair you want something that is comfortable but also meets ergonomic standards. For great selections visit

3. Design a Layout that’s Access Friendly

Having close access to power and cable outlets is important. You do not want to have wires and cords running across the floor and creating a hazard.

A wireless router is best for multiple people needing access. A position dealing with confidential data means having a printer restricted to your workspace. Otherwise, access to a wireless printer means you can put the printer in another room.

When it comes to phones there are several options. In some cases, a mobile phone is all you need. In other settings, an Internet phone service or VoIP will have to be set-up.

Lighting is another concern. A room that is not well-lit will need a desk light. Explore your options to see what the best desk lamp for your space is.  

Designing a Home Office is Easy

Now that you know how easy a small office set-up is, are you ready to start laying out yours? Setting up an office is a small yet important part of any business.

Whether you are the owner or an employee working remotely, you can transform small spaces into great workspaces.

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