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Follow Your Passion! the Best Jobs for Writers in 2019

Are there really good-paying jobs for writers?

Once upon a time, you may have had visions of writing the Great American Novel or being the next great investigative journalist who forever changed the country.

You then discovered that a career in writing doesn’t quite work like that. There are bills to be paid and responsibilities to handle.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good paying jobs as a writer. It’s probably one of the most in-demand skills as more companies are relying on content marketing to drive new business.

Read on to find out what the top jobs are for writers are in 2019.


This job could be a steady stream of income if you do it well.

Copywriters write copy that is advertising related. These could be billboards, print ads, landing pages, PPC campaigns, social media ads, or websites.

The reason why this job is so valuable is that it is what drives sales. If you show that you can get sales for clients, they will pay an astonishingly high rate for your work.

Content Strategist

A content strategist is similar to a copywriter, but they focus on the big picture. This is a combination of copy and data analysis to drive website traffic and get that traffic to convert.

Marketing Director

You could work your way up to this position if you’re a good content strategist and copywriter. Your job in this role is to develop a big strategy and tactics.

A company will have revenue targets to hit. You’ll need to think of creative ways to get there and oversee the execution of those strategies.


One of the most interesting jobs for writers is as a speechwriter. If you love how words can move people, this is a job for you. You can get a job as a political or corporate speechwriter.

This is a competitive field, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Take the time to use the Best Resume Services to make the best first impression. 

Entrepreneurial? Try Blogging

You could also build a business as a blogger. Is there something that you love that you’d like to write about? Start there.

As you build your empire up, you can always pick up a few part-time gigs to help pay the bills.

Writing is a Craft

The one thing that you have to remember as a writer is that writing is a craft. You can always get better at it. You can always tweak and improve your writing skills.

How do you get better as a writer? Read and write. If you want to be a stronger sales copywriter, you’ll want to observe the copywriting greats. Check out David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, and John Carlton. Read their work and see how they sell products.

You’ll want to practice what you’ve learned yourself. Try a few test campaigns and see how your skills get sharper.

Winning Jobs for Writers

Getting employed as a writer is a good thing for your career. Being able to communicate with the written word is a critical component of business success. Businesses understand that and are willing to pay well for writers who can generate sales, and jobs for writers are in demand. 

You’ll have a thriving career before you know it. If you want to know some ways to relieve the stress of tight writing deadlines, check out these tips to de-stress.