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Top 10 Auto Dealership Marketing Tips

Getting the word out about your auto dealership can be tough. But, if you follow these automotive marketing tips, it’ll be a lot easier. Read on to learn more.

Running a car dealership is tough. You have to manage inventory, make sure you’re getting enough business through the door, and make sales. On top of all that, you also have to manage automotive marketing for your dealership.

Running a successful automotive marketing program for your business can help increase awareness and increase sales for your vehicles and garage. Marketing doesn’t need to be difficult, though. There are plenty of ways to drive interest in your dealership. You just have to be consistent in your efforts.

Keep reading to learn some awesome tips to get your dealership’s marketing efforts up and running.

Have a Stellar Website

For any business, the website is the digital door front for the business. The same goes for car dealerships.

There’s a good reason to have an easy-to-navigate, informative website: 59% of customers spend time researching cars online. You can be sure they’re evaluating your dealership’s website.

Rock SEO

Another component of having a great website is making sure it’s optimized for SEO.

Since you’ll be operating in a local market, you should follow local SEO guidelines. That means having the name of the location you serve in your page title, meta description, headers, and body text.

Have a CRM

Having a CRM makes pushing sales leads through the funnel easier. It can also help with your automated marketing efforts.

A CRM tells you where leads fell off in the buying cycle and re-engage them. You can also use a CRM to engage existing customers.

Use Commercials

If your target audience is older and still watches cable, you should still produce commercials.

Commercials help increase brand awareness and can help keep you top of mind when potential customers are ready to look for a car.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Having a great reputation online can help encourage people to visit your dealership.

To bolster your reputation, encourage customers to leave reviews on various platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google. You can offer discounts on service or an entry into a giveaway.

You should also respond to negative comments in a timely manner.

Make Use of PPC

Paid advertising on Google and Facebook can help extend your brand awareness.

These platforms allow you to target specific groups of people in your area to get your name in front of them.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Don’t waste your time on channels where your target audience doesn’t hang out.

If your target audience discusses Mazda cars in a Facebook group and you’re a Mazda dealer, focus your efforts on Facebook.

Get Social

22 percent of car shoppers use social media as a research channel.

Being on several social media channels provides shoppers with more content to evaluate during their research. It also makes you appear to be up-to-date with current marketing trends.

Have a Referral Program

People are more likely to make a purchase when a friend or peer makes a recommendation. To boost referral sales, install a referral program so your customers act as your marketers.

Hire a Professional

Sometimes you just need a professional to come in an manage some of these tasks for you. Whether it’s an internal hire, a freelancer, or an agency, know when you’re out of your depth and need help for your automotive marketing.

Win at Automotive Marketing

By using these tips, you’ll knock your automotive marketing out of the park. Be sure to track your progress each month using your analytics platforms and CRM system.

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