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The Cool Mechanic: 8 Awesome Car Mods You Should Market

As a mechanic, why would you limit yourself to only repetitive maintenance updates?

You are capable of so much more, and let’s be honest, these car mods can be a lot more fun. Plus, they bring in a lot of extra cash.

Keep reading below to learn about eight awesome car mods you can start doing in your shop.

The Best Car Mods You Should Market

These will vary in price depending on what the customer wants. But as a small business owner, they’re things you can keep on your list of car mod ideas. 

8. Musical Chairs

This doesn’t refer to music coming from the chairs (unless the buyer wants that!) Instead, this car mod can be as simple, or as complex, as you like.

Changing up a cars seat appearance is powerful.

Everyone sees it, and everyone feels it when they sit in it.

You can keep it simple and stick to helping find clients a seat cover that matches the aesthetic of their car, or for those looking for a little more jive, you can upgrade to racing or bucket seats.

It’s up to you as the shop owner to decide what you want to offer. But regardless, changing up the chairs is an awesome car mod.

7. Lighting

Every car has interior lights, but let’s face it, those are stock. Help your customer trick out their interior with LEDs, and they’ll never forget you.

The thing shops often overlook is that LEDs don’t have to be overdone glamor.

Some cars just have really poor interior lighting, and customers might have trouble finding their phones or gum packets in the dark. Being the place that has the simple fix is easy and good business.

LED’s are affordable and customizable too, so you can do almost anything with them.

Adding in LEDs is also pretty simple. Most options have switches that work with cigarette lighters, some have split wiring that branch right off the battery, and others are even solar powered.

Whatever the customer preference, lighting up their cars can serve as a neon sign for your business.

6. Floor Mats

This is something everyone calls obvious but then forgets about or doesn’t get the best kind.

A floor mat can change the interior of a car more than most things, and they’re cheap. As simple as they sound, people remember floor mats.

The texture, design, and movement of a floor mat can say a lot about a driver and where they shop. 

Helping your customers find a floor mat that not only meshes with what they want their car to feel like but also what they want it to look like will help your small business stand out. 

5. Window Tints

Whether your customer wants their car to look cool or they’re sick of the sun blinding them, window tints can be a nice touch. 

This classy move often gives vehicles an important effect while also giving them privacy. 

And window tints aren’t hard to do either. Plus, whenever a customer gets their windows tinted from you, it’s like more free marketing. All the people they know who want the same job done will know where to turn.

Just be aware of window tint laws for your state. 

4. After Market Audio

Everybody loves to jam, but most options are self-installed.

For a random-joe, this can get messy, complicated, and requires unexperienced people to start digging and cutting into their car. 

Not fun. Not something people look forward to.

As a shop, you can offer to do the installation. As a bonus benefaction, you can even offer a sound system a driver should go with.

This interior car mod is one that’s always being done, so why not start doing it at your shop? Be the place that can amp up a sound system and change a car’s oil. Think about it, who doesn’t like jamming to some driving music after just getting a tune-up or oil change? 

3. Lift Kit

This is more on the pricy end of the project lists, but they’re highly valued. 

A lift kit makes a car stand out more than most things, and they have practical implications too.

Jeep drives and truck lovers use lift kits for all sorts of off-road excursions like forest trails, mud bogs, hunting trips, or just exploratory endeavors. 

Being the place that can transform stock vehicles into their upgraded mods will mean a lot for your business’s reputation. View here for more on lift kits and other truck and jeep mods. 

2. Nitro

The Queen of Speed in the car world, Nitrous Oxide is the modification the speed demons often want for a little extra gas in their pedal. 

It’s cheap too, which is always a benefit for the customer and the provider.

When you can offer to improve a cars 0-60 by the driver pushing a button, it’s hard for a fast customer to turn it down and walk away. It’s almost like offering their vehicles a James Bond upgrade. 

This mod is one of the most classic and long-standing mods car shops can offer, so make sure it’s on your list. 

1. New Paint Job

This all-time classic stands the test of time.

Every car, at some point in their lifetime, will need this. The big thing is that most places charge an arm and a leg.

If your shop can be the spot where drivers can receive a new look without having to sell their car right after, your small business will stand out amongst the rest.

Having new paint jobs offered is big because it’s often on people’s minds. Those scratches, cuts, messy bumper scrapes, and whatnot are always seen, but you can be the place to offer a clean, shiny, new slate. 

Small Business Mods

For more car mods and small business ideas, check out our blog.

If you’re curious about how to start something or get a project moving but don’t see ab article about it yet, feel free to reach out and contact us. We’d love to help give you some tools or advice on modding your small business to succeed.