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Scrap, Sell, or Upgrade: What to Do with Used Fleet Vehicles

If you’ve ever purchased a new car, you know that new-car smell doesn’t last forever. And if you manage a fleet of vehicles, this is an even bigger reality.

When the time does come to refresh your fleet, you have several options. Here are a few routes to consider for your used fleet vehicles.

Trade in Fleet Cars

As a fleet manager, chances are you have relationships with several local dealerships.

Take advantage of those connections with dealerships that offer used fleet cars for sale to their customers.

Some dealerships may have a specific fleet vehicle department you can partner with to trade in your fleet lease cars for newer models. This can be one of the fastest options for swapping out old vehicles for newer models for your fleet.

Sell Vehicles Privately

You don’t have to work with a dealership to sell and upgrade your older fleet models. If you want to forego working with a car dealership altogether, you can take the work on yourself.

Selling used fleet vehicles privately is similar to selling a non-fleet vehicle on your own. There are a number of sites like that make private car sales easier.

Of course, this option does require a time commitment and can come with risks since you’re dealing with customers directly.

Sell Used Fleet Vehicles for Parts

If some vehicles in your fleet have been through crashes or too many rounds of repairs, you may want to sell your cars for scrap. 

Find a service that purchases fleet use junk cars for parts. Benefits include fast turnaround, free pick-up, and less hassle than if you were to try to scrap the vehicle for parts on your own.

Donate Your Old Car Fleet

There is another option for your used fleet vehicles: donate them. While this route isn’t profitable upfront, car donations do come up with the advantage of a tax deduction. 

Another benefit of this option is the local impact. You can also partner with an area charity or organization in your community. This can be good for company morale and the task of getting rid of older vehicles in your fleet.

To safeguard your donation and be sure of your impact, make sure you do your research on the organization first to see where your donation will go.

A Few Tips for Managing Your Fleet

There’s not necessarily a magic formula for determining when to retire your used fleet vehicles. But it is important to have a strategy for your company.

This strategy could include deciding on whether buying fleet cars or leasing is best. Leasing could provide a streamlined way to upgrade to new models through a trade-in program.

Other major considerations for timing when and how to retire old fleet vehicles include:

  • Keeping an eye on vehicle depreciation
  • Staying mindful of maintenance costs
  • Monitoring fuel usage, prices, and mileage

Take Care of Your Small Business

No matter the size or type of company you own, knowing what to do with used fleet vehicles is one vital part of how you do business.

We’re here to help keep your small business thriving. Keep reading for our latest advice on everything from customer service to productivity.