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8 Brilliant Tips on Improving Your Office Environment and Productivity

Studies show that in an average 8-hour workday, employees are only productive for just under 3 hours

Phones, the internet, and socializing are all culprits as to why more than half of our day isn’t productive at work. 

With all of these distractions, it can be difficult to get anything done. 

Continue reading to discover the best ways that you can improve productivity in your office environment. 

1. Open the Blinds

One of the best ways of improving the office environment is simply by opening the blinds and letting natural light come in.

Being stuck in an office all day long can become exhausting and put you in a depressed mood. Getting natural light will give your body vitamins that it needs to properly function. 

Adding natural light has been shown to improve both mood and sleep, making it a necessity in the office. Well-rested employees tend to be much happier and can get more work done with a clear mind. 

2. Support Eachother

Supporting the people you work with is an excellent way to improve productivity.

Employees who know they work in a friendly office and can rely on others to do their jobs are typically happy. Gossiping, drama, and disrespect can all tear down the office and harm productivity. 

A positive environment will allow yourself, and coworkers to focus on the important things and not what people are talking about.  

3. Make Yourself Comfortable

Being comfortable in your work area is extremely important and can affect your work if you are suffering.

Having a supportive chair, armrests, a desk at a proper height, and being in a comfortable chair can all help you improve productivity. If you are constantly in pain, or your carpal tunnel is inflamed, you may want to consider changing your office at the earliest convenience. 

Don’t put yourself in an environment that doesn’t make you happy, turn it into something you can enjoy and appreciate! 

4. Let Them Personalize Their Area

Allowing your employees to personalize their work area can help them improve work quality and quantity. 

Having the ability to decorate or maintain a working area to your standards can help you and your employees feel more comfortable. Having pictures of family or goals can help encourage and motivate them throughout the day.

Employees typically appreciate having the ability to display themselves at work.

5. Control Work Flow

Putting on too many assignments or not enough can hinder employee productivity.

If employees don’t feel challenged by their assignments and jobs, they may get bored and show a decrease in productivity. Putting too much stress and work on employees can also be bad for getting work done.

Don’t be afraid to talk to employees and get an understanding of what level they are comfortable working at. 

6. Block out Unnecessary Noises 

Some projects and assignments can be overwhelming. A quiet room and concentration are needed to work through these tasks. 

Covering up noises that can be annoying and distracting throughout the day can be a real challenge. Finding the best company sound masking installations can help turn your office into a calm and quiet workspace. 

Blocking out extra noise can help lower employee stress, which helps make them more productive in the end. Employees can focus on what is directly in front of them. 

7. Have Areas to Relax

Offering areas in the office for employees to relax in and let lose can dramatically increase productivity.

Friendly games, like basketball outside, can help bring your team closer together and blow off steam between jobs. Although having too many recreational activities can be harmful, limiting them is recommended. 

Physical movements can also improve the brain and how it functions, which could lead to more alert employees. 

8. Only Call a Meeting When Needed 

Much research has been done on workplace time killers and meetings are always at the top of the lists.

Many employees say that their productivity is low because of too many meetings occurring throughout the day. These meetings pull them away from their work and are often found as a waste of time.

Only host a meeting if it is necessary. Memos and emails are great alternatives to meetings if you just want to get information out to the team! 

Things to Avoid in Your Office Environment 

There are many culprits in the workplace that pull your attention away from work and onto something different. So what are the things you should watch out for?

Having a radio station or television can be highly distracting at work. You may find yourself singing along to songs and having typos on your work. Or you could even become so distracted by your show that you lose track of time.

Having your phone can also be a problem in a work environment. Constantly checking your phone or going onto social media can be distracting and disrupt your workflow.

Time to Be Happy and Productive 

Creating a productive and happy office environment can be difficult.

Utilizing the tips above can help you successfully turn your office into a perfect work environment. Not only will your performance benefit from these tips, but you may also find that you are much happier. 

Letting in natural light and limiting the number of meetings are both great ways to improve work performance. Try to avoid having constant access to the internet and social media, as these are major time wasters. 

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