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What Is the Best Color for Office Walls? 5 Great Options

You’ve bought a new office building. You’ve got all the furniture put inside and it’s time to move on to the décor. Before you put any pictures or signage up though, you’ve got to paint the walls. 

Rather you know it or not, the color you choose matters. The best color for office walls will instill positive emotions in your workers and clients. For example, blue makes people feel calm.

You also have to find a color that’s going to go with your overall office theme. As you can see, there’s a lot to consider. Check out this quick color guide to get started.


White tends to give an office space a sterile, cold feeling. You can combat this by painting your walls a warmer off-white color. 

Not only will it add a bit of character but off-white will go with pretty much any decor and furniture you have. It’s easy to plan around. 

If you like the look of classic white, that’s fine. Experts from can tie it into your paint job by using it as an accent color.

Light Blue

Light blue will give your office space a nice, soothing vibe. It’s a great shade to use in a clinic. You have nervous patients coming in all day and the blue color on the walls will help to calm them down. 

Light blue will also soothe your workers when things start getting fast-paced and stressful.  


If you’re looking for a nice neutral tone to paint your office, gray is a good cross between pure white and black. You do have to be a little careful with it, however. Different shades of it can invoke different feelings. 

For example, one shade could make your office space come across as sophisticated and formal, while another could just make your workers feel sad. 


Another great neutral color is Brown. It will give your office a strong, powerful feeling. Paring it with wooden furniture can make things warm and cozy. 

Clients will look at the color of your office and know they can depend on you because brown is often associated with reliability. 

Like gray, you have to be a little careful with brown. Dark shades of it can give off negative feelings. 


When people look at green they often think of money which makes it a great color for a financial office setting. It’s also the color of nature which may make your office workers feel happier and more optimistic. 

Avoid going with lime green when painting your office. It can be a bit much on the eyes when light reflects off of it. 

Best Color for Office Walls to be Painted 

One of the most important business decisions you can make is choosing the best color for office walls. Different colors inspire various feelings in workers and clients. Choose the wrong shade and your employees may not be as productive as you want them to be. 

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