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5 Top Ways to Fund Your New Travel Lifestyle

As you see all the pictures that your friends post of their travels, you long to have the same ability to see the world.

The thing is, traveling can be really expensive when you have bills to pay. Plus, when you work a traditional 9-5 job, it can be hard to get the time off to travel as much as you’d like.

So, how can you fund this new travel lifestyle?

We’ve compiled a list of jobs that allow you to travel the world full-time. Keep reading to find the job for you!

How Can You Fund Your Travel Lifestyle?


There are plenty of ways to earn money without being tied down by a traditional job.

Here are some ideas…

1. Start Travel Vlogging

Did you know it’s a possibility to be paid for the traveling you’re doing?

By starting a travel vlog, you can post your adventures for all to see. As a result, you may grab the attention of companies that are interested in paying for affiliate marketing

The more attention these vlogs grab, the more money you’ll make. So, keep working on those videos and they may just earn you the ability to travel full-time.

2. Traveling Social Media Accounts

Most of us post tidbits of our vacations on Instagram to share with our friends and family, but those posts can actually become a successful business!

In this day and age, people love to live vicariously through other travelers. This is why travel Instagram accounts are becoming more and more popular. Not only do these accounts post aesthetically-pleasing photos of their trips, but they usually offer advice and things to do while traveling.

Creating a traveling Instagram page and building a following could result in collaborations and brand deals with companies who pay top dollar!

3. Work Remotely

Working remotely is becoming a more and more popular option every day.

Many of us dream about having the freedom to work from wherever we please and with a remote job, you can have it! There are plenty of ways to find a remote job in your field. Check Indeed for remote work, or check FlexJobs.

4. Freelance Writing

Do you consider yourself a book nerd or particularly fond of writing papers? 

If so, freelance writing may just be the job for you. You can choose your own clients, work the hours you choose, and most importantly, work from wherever you want!

The great part is that you don’t need to have a degree to write as a freelance writer. Pick a subject you’re interested in, start writing, and start reaching out to clients!

Once you start traveling, write on your blog about it for a little added money.

5. Photography

Do you have a passion for taking photos?

If the idea of being a full-time photographer excites you, then making a living as a travel photographer would be the perfect way to fund your travel. Take photos of the scenery, animals, and people you encounter through your travels and share them with the world!

Take the Leap

Living a travel lifestyle is one of those things you just need to jump into, so don’t hesitate.

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