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Your Guide to VPS: Understanding VPS Website Hosting

Want to run your website on a better server?

Having a website to run your business is an essential part of success nowadays. There are many benefits to launching a website, and they can help you improve your brand. It’s also a great way for you to establish an identity for your business, as making a good impression is possible with your website’s landing page.

The only problem is that launching a website is harder than it looks. There are many factors to consider, including a web host. This is when you must consider VPS website hosting.

Many people consider VPS hosting to be superior to traditional hosting options. Read on to learn more about VPS hosting and how it’s better for your business website.

What Is VPS?

VPS is short for a “virtual private server”. This is a hosting service that, as the name suggests, provides you a server dedicated to your website alone. This means you don’t have to share anything with other websites on the same server as you.

Most hosting companies find it favorable to host as many websites as they can to increase their profit margins. Some companies do a good job of managing multiple websites, but most can’t cope with the number of websites they’re hosting.

This can mean that you will experience many problems when you share a server with different websites. This is where having a private server shines, as these problems won’t exist when you rent a private server for your business.

How Does It Work?

These private servers work thanks to a software called a hypervisor. This allows one physical host to split each server into segmented ones. This makes it seem that you have a private server.

What people don’t realize is that it only appears that way. Hypervisor prevents each “private” server from interacting with others. You still share one physical host with other websites overall.

Hypervisor still does a good job with segmenting each server, though. Despite sharing one physical host, each server is still independent. This means that you can perform certain tasks that are detrimental if you do it on a shared server.

You can even have your server rebooted without affecting the others. This still won’t come close to how a dedicated server performs, though. VPS website hosting still a good middle group between shared and dedicated servers.

Why Should You Consider VPS Website Hosting?

There are more reasons to consider VPS hosting for your website. Here are a few of them:

1. Better Website Security

Sharing a domain with other websites poses more security risks than people realize. It’s easy for the other websites who share the same domain to access your website. This even easier if your web host doesn’t do a good job in monitoring their domains.

This leaves your data exposed and ready for the taking. Renting a private server makes this less likely to happen, making it a direct upgrade to your website’s security.

A good VPS hosting company will also ensure that your data is safe against other threats. Hackers are only part of the problem, and data loss can be as devastating as data theft. Good companies will provide managed data backups on the regular.

These backups will ensure you have a copy of your website’s latest data. It will make recovering from a disaster easier for your website.

2. Your Business Model Suits It Better

There are many reasons to switch to a private server, but few are as convincing as doing it for the sake of your business. Optimizing your business is still possible with traditional web hosts, but VPS allows optimization without interference from your host or other websites.

E-commerce websites will get many benefits out of this. The private server will ensure the protection of your customer’s sensitive data. You also need this server type if you want to become an established and recognized shop online.

The PCI standard demands you have a secure or dedicated server for your website. VPS is the closest you can get to a dedicated website.

3. Faster Website Speeds

Shared servers always have a problem with high online traffic. A website on the same server getting more traffic than usual will cause others to go wrong. This is because of the RAM it takes to accommodate the traffic on the specific website.

You will experience slower page loading speeds among other problems. If you have VPS, though, this will be a problem of the past. You can use all the RAM available to improve your website, and it’s a great way to ensure future scalability.

4. It’s a Cheaper Option

As mentioned above, the only thing better than VPS is a dedicated server. It’s a true server that gives more for your business. The only problem with this is that it will cost you much more than VPS.

Dedicated servers justify their costs by providing the features you may need. This isn’t a great option for small businesses, though, as they often have a limited budget. VPS can also provide the features you need for your website, but at a fraction of the cost.

5. Better Customizability

If the hosting company doesn’t provide you the features that you need, then you’ll be happy to know that VPS offers greater flexibility and better customizability than shared hosting options. This will fill in for what you’re missing if you can’t afford a dedicated server.

You can install any plugins you want and you can also install software that your website needs. This means you can build the website you envisioned for your business. You can customize your heart’s content without the worry about RAM.

Upgrade Your Website Today

Launching a business website allows you to increase your online visibility, customer engagement, and brand reputation. It’s difficult to launch a website without a web host, though. Go for VPS website hosting solutions to bring out your website’s potential today!

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