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The Latest Laptop Trends of 2020

Laptops are the epitome of technological evolution. Within the span of just a few short decades, these computers went from clunky, chunky, and incredibly slow pieces of hardware to the processing powerhouses that we simply cannot live without. Whether we use them for working at our jobs, for building up our dreams and goals, or for an intense hours-long gaming session, Laptops are everywhere and used for just about everything you can think of.

That being said, you may be a bit curious to learn about the latest laptop trends that are currently hitting the market. You know that each year, something incredible is added to the laptop that makes it absolutely mindblowing, and with every computer company trying their hardest to outdo the others, you can best believe there’s some great tech in store for every laptop user, regardless of what their plans for it may be.

Instead of being curious about what’s happening, why not get in on the scoop? This article has all of the information you need on the top trends that have broken the laptop universe in 2020 and are sure to stay around for a long time to come. Read on to find out what’s in store for you!

Revolutionary Laptop Trends: Smaller, but Bigger?

Looking back on the fossils of 15 years ago, it’s clear that one of the biggest goals of laptops was to make them smaller and sleeker but to also add in more stuff as the size shrunk. This included adding a bigger and more powerful screen as well – and so far, the efforts have been rewarded with great success.

That being said, the latest step in the laptop race is to continue making the computer small…but make the screen bigger. Yep, you heard that right: somehow, computer companies everywhere have started the idea of shrinking the laptops to make them more portable, but increasing screen ratios to make them easier to view and work on.

The crazy thing is that the idea is actually working. New computers are losing their bezels (much like the smartphones of the last few years have done) and becoming lighter and more portable than ever before. The best part? We know that this is only just the beginning of what we soon become very small, yet very big, laptop powerhouses.

Dual-Screen Laptops: Because Why Wait for the Future?

Many of us have waited for years to see our computers truly boast dual-screen capabilities. Hard-core gamers, master designers, and new-age artists, in particular, are in constant need of multiple screens so they can do their jobs quickly and efficiently, and with little room for error. Without an official way on the market to make it happen, they’ve settled for stacking multiple monitors together and connecting them to the same desktop.

This is great for a home or office setup, but what if you’re not in your workspace? With everyone always on the go, it’s not often these days that you even get to see your desktop setup, much less use it for extended periods of time.

Never fear. The laptop gods have heard your cries, and they present to you something that, up until now, was truly unfathomable: The addition of a second screen…on your laptop. And before you ask, it is indeed as crazy and revolutionary as it sounds.

You can probably blame the latest smartphones for this little maneuver, due to their sandwich-style feature that allows them to go from one smart screen to two screens that flip out to make a mini-tablet. Some of the higher-end 2020 laptops are made in a similar manner, with a second screen in place of where the keyboard would traditionally be.

This new feature is crucial for those who need more screen while they’re on the go. If you fall into this category, you’ll want to get your hands on this tech ASAP.

5G: The Wave Is Just Getting Started

We’ve been hearing people talk about 5G for a long time now, and for a good reason. 5G is the future of American networks, and if we’re being quite frank, it’s about time that we caught up to the internet speeds of some of the other countries that have left us in the dust.

5G networks are also supposed to provide more security with their speeds as well, so it only makes sense that we start to embrace this new wave. Laptops have made sure to be one of the first in tech to make the leap into the next era of the internet.

Many of the best laptops of 2020 have the ability to access 5G networks. This means that if you go to a location that has 5G already established, you can use that to surf on the web, play your games, or do a host of other things at lightyear speeds. As 5G continues to roll out you can expect more laptops to jump on the bandwagon, so make sure you buy your laptop now so you can be the first in the game.

Wireless Charger: May Your Phone Never Die

Wireless charging has become all the rage these past few years, which is strange considering the lack of practicality it really offers. Sure, it’s a cool feature, but for the most part, it’s really more of a selling gimmick than something that’s actually needed. With the latest in laptops, this might be about the change.

The Samsung Galaxy Flex 15 has become one of the best laptops of 2020 by being revolutionary in its hardware capabilities. This notebook has the ability to charge techy devices through its touchpad.

No, we didn’t stutter. With a greater number of handheld devices offering Qi wireless charging, Samsung decided to put the charging technology to good use and created a touchpad that allows you to not only interact with the laptop when you needed to but also allows you to charge up your phone when you didn’t.

This is a huge step-up for people who use their phones or other wireless devices along with their computers as they work (say, if you needed it for hotspot or used your devices to take a ton of calls or meetings each day), so if you need your devices charged and at the ready, this laptop is a good way to go. Be on the lookout for other Qi wireless chargers in the near future.

Project Athena: The FDA of Laptops

It’s obvious that, aside from Apple, there are a ton of laptops created by a ton of different computer companies, and each one tends to go by its own standards for what makes a laptop successful. That being the case, it can be difficult for a not-so-tech-savvy computer user to know which laptops are up to par with their needs. Various computer companies realized this problem, and Intel created Project Athena as the solution.

Just as the Food and Drug Administration is used to help approve which consumables pass the bar and which ones get the boot, Project Athena helps to make sure that the latest laptops pass the test to truly be beneficial to PC users everywhere. To be a top-notch Project Athena-certified device, you have to pack features such as biometric authentication, ample battery life, and high-quality wi-fi capabilities, just to name a few.

So far, laptop companies such as Asus, Acer, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, and Dell have all joined in on this project to make sure they give only the best in quality to their customers, meaning you’ll get some sweet technology for a great price. We’re sure that more companies will jump on board in the next few years.

A Host of Security Features

No article could be complete without a brief conversation about security features – and boy, are there are a lot of them. In light of the recent surge of identity thefts, many computer companies are bumping up their security to make sure their customers stay safe. Some of the latest features include webcam privacy shutters, fingerprint scanners, and 3D facial recognition. It’s just one more way that your laptop is looking out for you!

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or someone who’s been in the market many times, you can definitely say that with all of this juicy info on what’s available for laptops, you’re going to want to buy one for yourself. Luckily, the best time to get your hands on one is right around the corner. This upcoming Cyber Monday, computer sites like are offering high-end laptops for rock-bottom prices. You’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Now that you’ve been informed about the latest laptop trends on the market, you can confidently shop around for a laptop knowing you’ll get incredible technology for a great deal no matter which computer you plan to buy. Make sure to have a look around our site to find out all of the possible ways you can build yourself up for success. We’re sure we have what you need!