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The Benefits of a Video Wall for Business

If you are looking to set up a video wall either at a permanent location or at a trade show, it can be a very useful tool to bring people in. These are great for marketing and advertising. 

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of video walls and how you can make an impact with a display.  


The installation of the video wall will be modern and sharp, which will attract potential clients to check it out. You can even add modern LED lights from Ellumiglow to make it even more attractive. 

Video walls even look futuristic because of how they are built. There are typically no visible wires or metal hanging from the ceiling. If it is used in a sports bar it will make the game look even bigger, if it is used in a clothing store it will sell clients on the idea that your store is sophisticated and luxurious. 


Something unique about a video wall is that you can use it to create interactive screens to the touch. Anything interactive such as browsing through maps, playing games, looking through pictures, is engaging and it will attract attention to itself without you having to call people over.

If using this at a trade show it will definitely make you stand out which is perfect because trade shows typically have so many booths. You will make it easier for attendees to make the decision to go to your booth over someone else’s. 

Content Quality

Video walls allow for high-resolution screens put together to look like a digital puzzle. The resolution and the quality is easily increased along with the size. The more screens you add to the puzzle the more your resolution will increase. 

Once you set up all of your screens for your display you can adjust your signage software to match the display content. It is best to make sure you show off content that is the same resolution that your screens can handle to have the best results. If your screens are able to display in 4K resolution, then it is best to show content that is in 4K as well.

It is great to know that you do not have resolution limitations. The more pixels you add the more detailed your image display will be. The more screens you stack on top of each other the more those resolutions will add up. 

Hardware Options

Although most video walls are exactly what their name is – a wall, they can be a bit more. You have options when it comes to how you lay them out. You can get creative with mounting the screens and arrange them in unique patterns. 

Anything from curved layouts to abstract geometric displays. If you prefer to have a free-standing video wall you can do that as well or even a three-dimensional one. If you want to truly stand out, use your imagination and go for a display layout that has not been done before. 


If you have just one screen or a projector you are limited on its connectivity and do not have the ability to show multiple displays at the same time. You can only show a single source at a time. 

With a video wall, you have the ability to have different signals displaying at the same time on the screen of your choice. Even if you have content or screens that are different resolutions you can show them off at the same time. 

You can have full control of each screen individually if you set up your video wall with a controller. Once it is set up you can use the controller to manipulate each screen and make adjustments as needed for your presentation.

Great for Any Industry

No matter what industry you are in a video wall works great for all industries. Whether you are in the fashion, sporting, restaurant, or any other industry including hotel suites, you can use a video wall efficiently to create an extraordinary display. 

It can even serve as a billboard for your business if you place it in a high traffic area. You can compare this to a traditional billboard but with a more effective impact rate. They are attractive to the human eye, making everyone read what it says just because of how unique and interesting they are. 

A video wall advertisement for your niche can use the power of light to make viewers read what you want them to read. For example, you can illuminate a specific area that will make viewers look and read. This is why this type of advertising is more effective than traditional billboards, where viewers glance and keep on going about their day. 


Video walls are durable and are made to be active for long periods of time. These do not require frequent maintenance, unlike projectors. Video wall systems are designed to function 24/7 and always at an optimal display rate. 

When creating your video wall make sure that you opt for the best video processor you can afford because it will ensure that your wall looks great at all times and runs smoothly. 

Ready to Show Off Your Video Wall Display?

Now that you know the ins and outs of having a video wall display and how you can create one to attract more customers, it’s time to get to work. They will be a small investment up front but when used correctly they will give you a return on your investment. 

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