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4 Surprising Excel Uses You Never Considered

When thinking of glamourous tools that can benefit you in both your professional and personal life Microsoft excel may not be at the top of the list. So it may surprise you that this humble program is capable of a multitude of things that can make your life easier and even more fun! 

Allow us to wow you with some of the most surprising excel uses that you never considered.

Using Live Web Data

In an ever-changing world, data has become king. But that is useless if you work in a field where you need the latest information and you are constantly having to check for what that is, then copy and paste it into a spreadsheet. 

Step in live excel reports.

One of the best excel uses if have interests in the stock market, it can also be used to track the latest flight information, competition details, or even to provide you with what you need to know if you are conducting a study on real-world circumstances. 

If you need to make the best use of the net excel is your friend. 


Another tool that is especially useful in Microsoft excel is the ability to forecast.

Wherever there is instability, being able to have an eye on the future is a real asset. Therefore, among the many excel uses, knowing how to forecast is one of the excel secrets that you should try to get under your belt. 

If you are a business owner, make it a priority to get this skill under your belt. 

Forecasting enables you to project sales figures and expenses based on historical and present data, things that enable you not to have to rely on others to keep you up to speed on your own business.  

Use Excel to Track Weight Loss 

It’s the turn of the new year, which means that many are looking to shed their festive weight and trim down. But did you know that your computer could be key in motivating to you stay away from those sugary treats?

How so? 

Let’s be honest, nothing is scarier than seeing a graph heading in the wrong direction. Therefore updating your weight into excel and tracking if you are on your way to your goals is a great idea.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an IT whiz to do it either. Many free templates are available for download online.  

Get Creative With Excel 

One of the more quirky excel uses, normally looking at the rows, columns, and cells of an excel spreadsheet is not what most would consider enough to get their artistic juices flowing.

Yet this is the foundation of a form of art that strikes nostalgia into the hearts of any child of the ’80s, pixel art!

Beginners are encouraged to start with images that harken back to the 8 and 16-bit designs that were the foundation of early gaming, however, the possibilities are endless. Just take a look at the work of Tatsuo Horiuchi and you will be amazed at what is possible with a little bit of patience and a spreadsheet.

Try Out Some of These Excel Uses Today

Were you surprised by any of these excel uses? Which one is the most useful for you?

It is clear to see that the world of excel is far handier than many think, so spread the word!

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