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How to Create an Event on Facebook to Promote Your Business

Did you know that Facebook now has over 2.41 billion monthly active users? If you are a business owner of any kind, and you do not use Facebook, you are missing out on some serious benefits.

One thing that Facebook is exceptionally good for is promoting events, however, you need to know how to create an event on Facebook for it to be actually worthwhile. 

Facebook events tend to have a lot of reach if done properly, and it is a very good tool for marketers and business owners to gain awareness, increase brand loyalty, and draw in new customers.

So the problem is, without paying a lot in ads to boost the event’s awareness, how can a business create a Facebook event page that will have traction? 

Keep on reading to learn how to create an event on facebook that will draw in lots of visitors.

Filling Out the Details 

It may seem straightforward to fill out the details on the event page, however, there are some tips and tricks to make sure it is going to get the right attention.

The name of the event must be clear and concise. Not only will long names be cut off on certain displays, but they will also seem “busy” and overwhelming. 

If the event is longer than two weeks, it is advisable to create two separate events, each with their own time and location. 

For the location, use a place that merges with a verified business Facebook page so that visitors can learn more about your brand. This also helps to avoid any confusion about which page to follow for the event.

You should also make sure the address is correct because it will show up in the “events near me” section of a newsfeed.

Choose the Right Event Picture

Visual information can be processed 60,000 times faster than just text alone, so using the right picture fo your event picture is essential for success. Choose a catchy photo that will snag a viewers attention and make them click on it for more information.

It is also important to note that a bit of text over top of the photo is okay, but too much will make it feel too overwhelming and “busy” for the average monkey mind to pay attention to. 

Promoting Your Event

In order for people to attend, they first must see your event show up on their newsfeed, and unfortunately, it isn’t always so easy. 

In order to boost awareness, follow these tricks:

  • Teach your staff and volunteers to share and promote the event with their friends and family. 
  • Sending emails to your customer and fan list, talking about the event and ask them to RSVP on the event page (not the email!)
  • Host a free giveaway that encourages people to RSVP first before they are entered in the draw. 
  • Create in-store flyers and banners.
  • Encourage people to chat in the event listing if they have any questions, or need to communicate with each other. 

By doing these above tricks properly, you may not even need to pay for a Facebook ad boost after all! If you want to learn more, contact a professional Facebook services company, it will be worth every dollar spent! 

Learn More About How to Create An Event On Facebook

If you would like to learn more about how to create an event on Facebook, or any other social media-related inquiries, keep checking the social media section of our blog daily, there is much more to learn!